Mary would drive home every night from work with a heavy heart and so many thoughts running through her mind. Every night she wondered what time her husband would arrive home, would he be waiting for her or her waiting for him. It was a dreadful game she played with herself.

For the last year and a half of her fifteen year marriage, Mary kept the thought of that little bump in the road to herself hoping it wouldn’t get any bigger, but that wouldn’t be the case for her. Mary felt she was dealing with an unfaithful husband and didn’t want to believe he could be a cheating spouse. An attorney friend recommended Mary to meet with to determine if in fact her “loving” husband was a cheating husband or not.

It was a Tuesday when Mary walked into our office and sat down in front of my desk and the pent up damn broke. Mary explained that she worked hard every day but Burt, her possible cheating spouse, was the bread winner in the family. He had worked for a Pharmaceutical Company in the city for almost 20 years and had been promoted many times and was making over $200,000.00 a year. In the past year and a half he started coming home late and the kept his phone very close to him at all times, but was more free with his laptop. He even made comments about cut backs at work and no yearend big bonuses, which was at least 20% of his annual salary. Mary’s close friend’s cousin worked for the same company and he never heard of the cutbacks, therefore Mary felt Burt was putting money away somewhere. We talked a while and suggested we conduct a digital forensic investigation. Data mining software utilized by a forensic computer specialist could unveil information that would prove or disprove Mary’s intuition.

We also conducted covert surveillance of Burt when he left work one evening and video documented him walking a co-worker to her car. Burt and the co-worker left the parking lot in separate cars and met up at a local bar. Upon presenting Mary with the evidence of the covert surveillance and the results from the forensic investigation of Burt’s laptop, it was determined he had been hiding money and paying for a condo downtown. All this information was very helpful to Mary’s attorney and she was finally able to stop thinking about what may be happening and focus on herself.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations