With Cellular Forensics, Timing Can Be EverythingSince we are one of only a handful of cell phone forensics labs in the nation, we are considered experts at cell phone forensics here at . Because of that, we get a lot of inquiries about the topic from attorneys, local and federal agencies and from regular citizens. People who suspect that their phone may be a cell phone spy often have an idea who would want to spy on them. So they wait and listen and watch.

What they- and you- may not realize is that if a bad guy has put spyware on your phone and thinks you know, he can wipe the software from the phone before you can prove it was there! He can do it remotely and all of a sudden, the forensics cellular evidence is gone. In fact, if he gets to the point where he finds out what he wants to know, the bad guy can wipe it clean and you are left wondering what happened. So, the best thing to do is hire a cell phone forensic expert as soon as you suspect.

The first thing that a cell phone forensic analyst does is isolate the phone which can prevent signals in and out, therefore creating the environment to take a snapshot of the data on the phone before the bad guy can alter the content. It takes specialized cell phone forensics tools and software to do that. Then they analyze the data that is contained in that snapshot.

Before they get to the data to analyze it, the isolation of the cell phone is critical and is what can be an essential component speaking to credibility of evidence in court. It’s like a cell phone quarantine. It costs you very little time away from the phone, but is priceless in determining whether or not the phone is secure – and the evidence is valid in court, if the case gets to that point.

Why take the chance?

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations