when-you-are-wrongly-accusedMy Client, George, who has had a life partner (Mary) for over 20 years, was falsely accused of the mistreatment of her. And the accuser, a relative of Mary’s, appeared to be somewhat believable. Was it out of jealousy, monetary reasons or just their belief that their mother was being cared for by my Client, a man whose commitment to Mary did not include a “License”. The accuser had actually made several statements she held a license in healthcare and knew what was best for her mother. My Client was adamant he provided the best care possible, but the accusations made against him were compounding, allegations of improper feeding, over medicating and unsanitary conditions and he had come to the conclusion he could not disprove these allegations by himself, that he needed help. The state had already conducted a wellness check of the residence and of my Client and found no cause to keep their file open until Mary was admitted to the hospital. Mary also had memory issues and had repeated to the hospital staff she was being mistreated. This reopened the case against George. He knew the relative had some shady areas in her past, he also knew they were having some financial issues and recently they were removed as the POA and were replaced by a relative of George’s. These facts gave this investigation a good direction. First and foremost a background check was conducted upon the accuser. We learned she was linked to several social security numbers, had AKA’s. We learned she did not hold any type of healthcare license in the state she claimed as residency and from the state of her previous residence under her name and the AKA’s. We also learned she did not hold a valid driver’s license and that she had several DUI’s on her record, therefore she was not capable of providing transportation for her mother. She also had multiple civil litigations against her totally over $25,000.00. Once the report was provided to the Client and then a copy was given to our Client’s accuser, she suddenly backed down and politely stepped away from the situation. Our Client provided a copy of our report to Adult Protection Services and all pending charges against him were dropped and reported as unfounded.

In a personal family situation that cannot be handled from within, it’s always best to look outside and hire a private investigator that can handle the matter efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves on conducting cost-effective and results-oriented private investigations for our Clients and in this case, George was given the opportunity to care for Mary in the manner that was best suited for them both.