As investigators with years of experience, everyone at knows how emotionally-charged many situations can be, especially those involving family – like death, estates and divorce.When we pick up a call from a divorce attorney and we get the news that something bad has happened, we approach it from an objective viewpoint, which the parties involved aren’t usually able to do.

This is especially true when the line between a divorce investigation blurs into a missing person search. Child custody is often a battleground and when one spouse, or side of the family, removes the child from the area and hides elsewhere, finding people who have any knowledge is a priority.

Years of experience, along with the extensive digital data available to us as professional investigators means we can find missing persons even when they leave the state or country. Often there is a trail of digital information and each bit of information can be tied to a new thread or path telling us how to locate people. That’s where good ol’ investigative work comes in so time is used wisely.

Each missing person investigation is unique because of the people involved. In order to find a person, getting to know the background, habits and people who have been in a missing person’s life is important. Verifying the accuracy of that information is critical as well. Time can be lost because of bad information and when a child is missing, families are distraught.

Often, in these situations we have to undertake a much larger scope of people search since it is not just the child who is gone.

The attorney’s client asks that we find the missing person they are concerned about. But, in fact, sometimes the cast grows as the case continues and each thread must be followed.

These cases need professional skills – and objectivity. The client may think they know how to find missing persons they love, but the already highly-charged situation can quickly escalate out of control. Attorneys know this and that’s why they call .

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations