We live in a crazy world and these are wild times. Listen to the news. I may view things a bit differently than you, but at least twice a newscast, I think “they should have checked out their employees a bit more carefully.” Sure, nowadays, every company has their employees sign an authorization form for a background check, but is the information you are buying legitimate?  Is it verified?  Is it TRUE?  Information is everywhere, and we all have access to it.  I’m baffled by the amount of MISINFORMATION that is sold by the megabyte.

Let’s make an example out of Bob. Bob’s looking for a job.  His resume is to your liking, the education, the work history, the overseas humanitarian efforts, even his charitable contributions to the local library seem to pique your interest.  His first interview went so well, you felt like you were chatting it up with an old high school buddy.  He glides through your hiring process with flying colors.  He was so honest and forthcoming with all his information, and even telling you about that terrible divorce, and all about how it stemmed entirely from a miscommunication.  (He even told you about that time he was accused of check deception and all the drama that caused, all due to his common name!)  Everybody likes Bob.  Bob is a good guy.  Bob gets the job.

You have HR run the normal background stuff and a few minor things pop up, but they are the same little odd things that pop up on a lot of records.  No need to worry about some of them, Bob wasn’t even in that State during that time, he proved it with the photos he took when he was on that humanitarian run, helping clean up after the hurricane.

Big Mistake.

Bob’s new job is in Sales and he is a Star.  Bob could sell water to fish while taking a break from writing the sales order he just made for the snow he sold to the North Pole.  When the numbers don’t seem to add up one month, it was probably due to the briefcase he lost when helping rescue ponies from a burning barn (it was on the news, you saw the photos!)  Before you know it, Bob’s gone.  Disappeared.  Then you start getting the demands from clients.  Bob sold them impossible products, in improbable amounts, for an astronomical amount of money.  You signed off on all the manufacturing plans, didn’t you?

Here you sit; no company, no reputation, no MONEY… and now you find out that there is no BOB???  Bob’s not real.  Bob wasn’t even his name.  All the information he provided you was false.  He purchased that SSN, ran a background on the REAL Bob, and manufactured stories, documents, and even photos he “took himself” to explain away anything that needed to be dispensed of.

Make sure you vet your people.  Your livelihood depends on your people.  Find out who they are and where they’ve been.

Oh, and be advised:

Bob’s looking for another job…