Finance concept: Head With Padlock on smartphoneIn a recent article in the Indianapolis Business Journal, CEO, Brenda McGinley explains what it means to be on the cutting edge of investigative work in the new millennium.

Cyber sleuthing, something that didn’t even exist two decades ago is one of the fasting growing areas of investigation. Spying has gone digital through cell phones and computers. And, the spy doesn’t have to be anywhere near the subject.

The news reveals that governments and big business have even been accused of spying on each other through the covert installation of spyware on computers and cell phones. But digital spying is not limited to the wealthy or the deep pockets of government and business. No, individuals are getting in the game, too, by purchasing illegal spyware on the Internet from opportunists in other countries. It is illegal in the United States.

has been there since the beginning with anti-spyware services. As Tim has always said and is confirmed by Marc Rogers of Purdue University, there really is no security on a cell phone. In fact, the idea is pretty laughable.

That’s why Tim took the leap in 2004 to set up one of the first (and still one of only three) forensic labs in the nation. Since that time his staff has become computer forensic experts called to undertake computer forensic investigations and mobile device forensics for cases large and small including government agencies, individuals and corporations. Data mining software and data extraction software have become common tools in the lab in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Cell phone spyware detection is a significant part of the business today, and he only sees that increasing as time goes by. Spyware removal on computers and mobile phones is a service few can offer.

Over more than three decades, has built a reputation for quality investigative services. Brenda McGinley has kept a keen eye on trends, new technology and new challenges for authorities that keep the firm on the cutting edge and in high demand across the nation and in other parts of the world.

Whenever the facts are what you seek, knows how to get them.