Spyware SmartphoneAlthough often marketed under the guise of keeping track of employees’ whereabouts, cell phone tracking software is much more than a GPS. And the software is often misused and takes advantage of the most vulnerable.

In fact, stalkers have taken their actions to a whole new, frightening level turning a device that is seen as a life line into a cell phone spy.

Cell phone monitoring using malware software can be installed in a matter of a few minutes and the victim can be completely unaware anything is different with their cell phone.

Domestic abuse advocates and shelters place cell phones on the top of the list when working with victims. One of the first suggestions they make is turning the phone off, removing the sim card and wrapping the phone in foil. This eliminates the mobile spy software capabilities.

Computer or cell phone spyware or malware is illegal in the United States, but is sold over the Internet from other countries around the globe. Some software, marketed in the United States as GPS tracking software for employees, sits upon a gray line.

This software often does much more than monitor GPS locations and is easily abused by stalkers who no longer have to skulk around in the shadows to gather information about their victims.

Sad to say, cell phone forensic tools are being used more and more frequently for cell phone spyware detection.

Besides securing the phone as mentioned above, rendering it unusable, or throwing the phone away, the only other way to stop the cell phone surveillance is a mobile phone forensic analysis and complete cell phone hack detection investigation. Sometimes the source of the spyware can be uncovered, but not every time. In most situations, the victim has an idea of who the culprit is, but cannot prove it.

That’s where working with a firm like is useful. Through other covert surveillance and investigative methods, we can often find the truth, along with facts and evidence needed to bring it to authorities or an attorney.

Stalkers and bad guys find new ways (especially with evolving technology) to do what they do, stays right in step with – or ahead of – those developments. Our search for the truth never stops.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations