Top 10 Signs of a Cheating SpouseThere’s nothing romantic about this, but nearly half of all marriages in America crumble and eventually end up on a divorce attorney’s desk. Reasons for a failed union range anywhere from conflicts over stepchildren in blended families to physical, emotional or verbal abuse, financial stress and, of course, marriage infidelity.

Women are notorious for their innate ability to sniff a rat somewhere. More than 80 percent of the time, that intuition is right on target. But be aware ladies that 81 percent of cheating men lie their faces off when confronted. What if, no matter how many times he insists he’s not guilty, you are sure, right down to your bones, that you have an unfaithful husband? Take a look at these top 10 signs of infidelity, provided by

  1. He cheated before. If you know this is in his past, it’s often a great indication that he’ll cheat again.
  2. He has a narcissistic personality. Everything is about him.
  3. He rarely expresses guilt or remorse about other parts of the marriage. So why would he grow a conscience about an extramarital affair?
  4. It is learned behavior because one or both of his parents have a history of being unfaithful.
  5. He is an expert liar.
  6. He recently lost his job and feels depressed and powerless.
  7. He spends a lot less time with you.
  8. His habits have changed. Maybe he doesn’t want intimacy anymore or he no longer cuddles or touches you.
  9. His computer habits have changed. He’s suddenly playing Solitaire at midnight or quickly closing screens when you enter the room.
  10. There’s a lock on his cell phone. He talks in another room or deletes texts.

These signs of an affair are geared toward men, but many can apply to an unfaithful wife as well. If you see your spouse’s behavior in several of the top 10 signs of a cheating spouse, it still doesn’t necessarily mean that he is having an affair. So that’s where enter the picture. As private investigators, we often get requests from spouses asking us to please “follow my husband” or “follow my wife.” We are skilled in cheating spouse surveillance and have many ways to catch a cheating spouse.

The reason we have developed such skills in the methods to catch a cheating spouse is that marital infidelity is so draining on people. So not only do we have access to several surveillance options, we also provide for you what you need more than anything: a definite answer.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations