Businessman Analyzing DocumentUnfortunately, some people continue to hold onto old stereotypes. Uninformed members of the general public still envision a private investigator as a trench coat-wearing figure, hiding behind a newspaper in a motel lobby. Of course, more informed members of the community, those who actually stay in touch with the times, know better. They not only know, they deeply respect the fact that many private investigators are amazingly talented researchers.

We have many resources at our fingertips. We also have the ability to think fast on our feet. The investigators in this firm are all of those things plus a lot more. Intellectually, we are at the top. At , we take great pride in our skill sets and our track record. Most of the time, if you lost it, we will find it; whether it's a person or a piece of property or any other missing asset.

These are but a few of the long list of exceptional skills our investigators possess and hone daily. If you suspect someone has done something wrong and are trying to hide it, we like to think we will dig up whatever it is in record time.

Very proudly, explains to clients exactly what we do and don't do. No, we are not law enforcement officers. So we do not arrest anyone. But we do work closely with authorities. We conduct investigations with the knowledge of all federal and local laws. We gather evidence and legally secure it for prosecution. Our goal is to find and provide evidence of the truth for our clients.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations