An attorney for a lady calling herself a reluctant landlord was on the other end of the phone call to . The attorney explained that she was one of the many people who ended up renting out a property she could not sell. That also meant she was not an experienced landlord.

She had run a credit check and checked references from prior landlords and the applicant’s job when the tenant first applied. Everything checked out. She didn’t think anything about hidden money or hidden bank accounts – she had no reason.

But after six months, the tenant lost her job and in the eighth month, quit paying rent. She learned quickly about the eviction process in her county and about what damage and mess a tenant can leave behind.

Considering a lawsuit? Consider an asset investigation first.

The landlord got a judgment from the court against the tenant for past rent, late charges, damages, etc. and she was thinking about filing a lawsuit. Her attorney wanted to request a search for assets to determine if the former tenant had any assets that had not been reported before advising his client whether or not to file a lawsuit. The landlord might be better served to wait until the tenant secured another job and then file for a wage garnishment.

is an Indiana Asset Search Investigator and known across the nation as expert in how to find hidden assets. Most people see how these services relate to soon-to-be ex-spouses hiding money in a divorce, but aren’t aware of the other situations when an asset investigation might be wise to undertake.

It is not uncommon for people who know they might face a lawsuit to try to take steps to make it appear they have fewer assets available for settlement. They may actually put property in other people’s names or deposit funds into off shore accounts or an overseas account. uses both our extensive data base resources and our investigative experience to locate missing assets and in finding unknown accounts.

We know what to look for, how to follow the threads and connect the dots. In other words, we know how to find hidden assets.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations