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Cell Phone Forensics – No Judgment, Just Facts

We worked with a woman who called from Seattle. We know she contacted us because we are one of only a few investigative labs who can potentially identify the bad guy when we uncover a cell phone spy. What we didn’t know, was that she was concerned about being embarrassed because some of the details we would discover in the cell phone forensics process. She was afraid we might find something that would put her in what she felt might be a disparaging light. First, the case: The woman was an accounting assistant and she suspected one of the partners in the accounting firm she had formerly worked was stalking her. She suspected it while she was employed there and felt very uncomfortable. She ended [...]

Bug Detection has Evolved, Just Like Planting Bugs Has Changed

Technology has changed just about everything about life, hasn’t it? Well, that pertains to the investigative world, too. In the early 1970s, when did Technical Surveillance and Countermeasures (TSCM) sweeps, we were basically looking for radio room bugs and telephone line taps. Bad guys would generally need to have access to the location to plant eavesdropping devices. Bugs could be planted by a “fake” service technician who comes to handle a service call (that you didn’t make). He would access phone lines and install some sort of surveillance equipment. There were also those who would pick a lock and sneak in to bug a phone or climb a gutter to plant a bug. The equipment we needed to do a bug sweep could be contained [...]

Computer Forensics, Cellular Forensics and Garbology all Can Tell the Truth

Private investigators do more than just ferret out the truth. They tell the truth as objective, disinterested third parties. They are professional witnesses. Often, before litigation is started and a suit filed, we'll be asked to investigate the suspicions that are the basis for the suit. As an impartial third party, we don't have a vested interest in the outcome, which means we seek the truth rather than looking for more fuel to flame the fire of litigation. Here at , we report our findings and observations in that manner, which means we are sometimes subject to 'shoot the messenger' reactions. That happens because sometimes we don't provide what our clients want in order to fulfill their objectives. The results may not be what they [...]

Is Your Surge Protector Housing Eavesdropping Devices?

We worked with an attorney who was convinced that his office, phone, or both were bugged. He was in the middle of a case and the “other side” seemed to know every position, jab and parry he had planned and was prepared to counter him in the courtroom. It was just too much of a coincidence. He was convinced there was some sort of phone tapping or covert surveillance going on in his office. He tried to do some of his own bug detection—looking under his desk, around the windows, pictures and door frames for something, but he found nothing. So he called us.  We did a bug sweep and lo, and behold, he was correct. Inside the surge protector power strip at his feet [...]

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