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Would a Bug Sweep of your Business Uncover any Spy Equipment?

Just like an average citizen might ask who would want anything from them enough to take the time to engage in cell phone tapping, businesses across the nation might ask who would install eavesdropping devices or engage in electronic surveillance in their organizations. The answer is evident in a report from the National Counterintelligence Executive (NCIX). The report says that foreign spies account for economic espionage costing “the United States economy as much as $400 billion or more per year.” Some say that is grossly understated. Now that’s BIG BUSINESS – and not the kind U.S. business wants to see. Is your business being targeted? Corporate secrets and intellectual property are highly valued by competitors and years of research and development could be wiped out [...]

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) provides security – in more ways than one!

Many companies have Intellectual Property Protection insurance for protection. But insurance is only good after a theft or breach of confidential or proprietary information. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to prevent a loss before it happens? When a business hires to do a bug sweep, or more precisely, TSCM, it’s because they want to be proactive and protect proprietary corporate information from being leaked or lost. The TSCM process includes acting as a bug detector, revealing eavesdropping devices and spy equipment. But the actual bug detection services do much more. The benefits to a company or organization are much broader: Protection of damage to income and profits Continued viability of business strategy and processes Security of intellectual property Privacy, both corporate and personal is [...]

Baby Monitors as Spy Equipment? Don’t Laugh, It’s True

Did you ever think that your baby monitor could be a spy listening device? That’s right. With technology moving ahead, parents are able to connect to their baby monitors and while these eavesdropping devices are meant to keep baby safe, the can also end up being used as electronic surveillance by bad guys. How it works is that the baby monitor connects to the local Wi-Fi network and broadcasts audio to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The app for the mobile device is free to download. Audio surveillance equipment has never been easier for bad guys – at least when there’s a baby in the house. The danger is that baby monitors are being installed in homes for use with seniors, too. And we [...]

Covert Surveillance and Spy Listening Devices are Rooted Out in Bug Sweeps

The other day, I was thinking about all the people who call to ask us to install phone tapping equipment or put a mobile phone tap on a cell phone to find out the truth about someone or some situation. We won’t do that because it’s illegal, but there are other ways that are legal to get the information they want – or find out how others are getting information they shouldn’t have. One thing we often remind clients is that a cell phone is a computer. While someone may be suspicious about the activity on a spouse’s/girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s/co-worker’s phone, the user could simply be playing a game, checking a bank balance, transferring money, or even entering what they ate into an app they’re using to [...]

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Can Start Outside

You may think that tapping phone lines at your home means someone has to gain access inside the house. While it is possible to install phone tapping devices inside the rooms of your home or office, but you have to know that a bad guy doesn’t even have to get in your house to tap a phone line. A visit to the outside box or the riser could result in the bad guy getting access to your phone line and adding a phone tap device. That’s right. A visit to the box that’s on the outside of your home or office could provide the opportunity for your phone lines to be tampered with and allow your conversations to be overheard. It’s not just the box [...]

If You’re Asking, “Is My Office Bugged?” You Need to Talk to

If a bad guy has access to your environment, they can plant a bug. The most common way a bad guy gains access to a home or business is through the “service technician ruse.” It isn’t just in the movies, but in real life, too. He dresses as a service technician and says he is there to perform some service. While he is on the premises, he installs the bug. You might be surprised how easy it is for bad guys to do that. Security processes need to be established in every business, because every home and business is vulnerable without them. It’s important to only allow in workers that you have called to come provide a service, for you to see identification and to [...]

Listening Devices Might Not be the Only Threat to Confidential Business Matters

In one of my recent posts, I talked about how we did a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) sweep for spy listening devices in the offices of a business. We didn’t find any eavesdropping devices in their offices, but we did determine that one of the other businesses in the building was being bugged. When we conducted the sweep and found nothing, that was a good thing. The business owner knew someone had learned something that was being held confidentially and was concerned. So he took the first logical step in his mind to find out if there were listening devices installed in the areas of the office where sensitive discussions were taking place. Eliminating eavesdropping devices from the options, he could move forward. Automatically people [...]

To Get Cell Phone Records as Evidence in a Court of Law Takes Expert Handling

When Joe calls us or comes into the International Investigator’s office saying that his girlfriend is cheating on him and gives us the cell phone he has on his account for her to use, we can help him find the truth. The truth for him usually doesn’t involve using cell phone records as evidence in a court of law. However, when a criminal attorney calls and says he thinks his client’s cell phone records and data could prove his guilt or innocence, using the cellphone records as evidence could be a critical element in the court case. Because of the isolation of the phone and specialized equipment to verify exact duplication, forensically extracted data is admissible as evidence in court. Forensic cellular evidence is extracted [...]

With Cellular Forensics, Timing Can Be Everything

Since we are one of only a handful of cell phone forensics labs in the nation, we are considered experts at cell phone forensics here at . Because of that, we get a lot of inquiries about the topic from attorneys, local and federal agencies and from regular citizens. People who suspect that their phone may be a cell phone spy often have an idea who would want to spy on them. So they wait and listen and watch. What they- and you- may not realize is that if a bad guy has put spyware on your phone and thinks you know, he can wipe the software from the phone before you can prove it was there! He can do it remotely and all of [...]

In Cellular Forensics There is a Difference Between Physical and Logical Data

If you suspect that you or one of your clients is the subject of illegal cell phone tracking, you call to complete a full cellular forensics analysis on the phone. Did you realize that we have to look at two different types of data on the phone? We look at the physical data and the logical data. Let me explain the difference. The physical data would things like apps and the actual software that is on the phone. It’s generally data and information that the user doesn’t have a direct connection to like the actual code, the operating system or files in the operating system. It’s all that “stuff” that a developer would create to make programs function. The user doesn’t normally have access to [...]

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