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Investigations and Social Security Numbers

Few people think much about their social security number, other than protecting it from identity thieves. But the actual number was – in the past – very telling.

International Investigators conducts a lot of investigation of specific people for a wide variety of reasons:

A missing person investigation
An identity theft
An asset search
Due diligence for personal or professional reasons
Insurance fraud

And a social security number can be a source of leads and information. But a relatively recent change adds some new challenges – and opportunities. The first three digits of a social security number used to stand for something specific. Each state had a certain series of numbers and other groups, like railroad workers, their social security number always began with digits from 700 – 728. That’s because [...]

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    Finding Hidden Assets is Like Asking, “Where’s the Beef?”

Finding Hidden Assets is Like Asking, “Where’s the Beef?”

Every day there is someone coming up with another way they think will be successful in hiding assets from a former spouse, litigants or even their partners.

There is a practice becoming more and more common. We call it a “practice” because no matter how often someone does it, it won’t be perfect and eventually, they always get caught.

The practice is providing a wrong social security number by switching two of the digits when opening an account. The bad guy figures if he gives an inaccurate social security number, no one will find out – even if someone does an asset investigation searching for hidden bank accounts or stock accounts.

But someone WILL find out—it could be an investigator, the attorney or the authorities—and then everyone [...]

May 24th, 2012|Find Hidden Assets|