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    Cell Phone Forensics is Investigative Technique of the Future

Cell Phone Forensics is Investigative Technique of the Future

Most people would agree that cell phones may be one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century for the average person. What people don't realize is that along with the boon for the everyday Joe, cell phones have become a real asset to private investigators and law enforcement agencies.

Each service provider is different, not only in the plans they offer consumers, but in how they work with and provide data and information. There is a legal process for cell records. Attorneys and law enforcement agencies are able to preserve and get the information through court orders, but interpreting the data requires an expert's knowledge and experience.

Cell phone records and cell phone tracking has been used to identify many criminals across the nation. [...]

June 14th, 2012|Cell Phone Spying|
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    Courtroom Wins May Rest on Forensic Investigator Credibility

Courtroom Wins May Rest on Forensic Investigator Credibility

Here at International Investigators, All In Investigations, Inc., we provide the truth, reliable facts about matters and answer critical questions so our clients can make informed decisions. We gather information and intelligence on everything from people, hidden assets, computer forensic examination or mobile phone analysis and when it is provided to attorneys and clients, it is documented, verified and ready to go.

Go where, you ask? Right into the courtroom.

Attorneys appreciate knowing we are experts who can testify and support our testimony.

They don’t have to worry because not only is the information about hidden off shore accounts good, the way we work and are paid leaves no opening for opposing counsel. Professional investigators like International Investigators only work on an hourly basis. Being paid [...]

Are You Carrying a Cell Phone Spy in Your Pocket?

Do you realize you could have a mobile spy in your pocket or purse right now?

How often do you set your cell phone down on your desk at work or on the table in a restaurant when you meet someone and run off to go to the bathroom or do something?

All it takes is a couple of minutes of access to your phone and someone could install cell phone spyware on it - and the really scary part - you probably wouldn't even notice it after you return. All you notice is that someone knows things they shouldn't and you can't figure out how they found out.

So, you start keeping your cell phone with you at all times. Sorry, that doesn't mean you are [...]

June 5th, 2012|Cell Phone Spying|

Why Would Anyone Tap MY Phone?

We hear that question a lot. There’s a really simple answer. You have information someone else wants. And they know you won’t tell them if they ask, so they figure out a way to get it without asking – they steal it.

The information they want could be many different things found in a wide variety of settings:

What is being included in a grant application at a competing university;
What sales strategy is being implemented to move into a new market;
The development of a new product that would “squash” the competition;
How a client is being defended in court;
Whether a spouse is having an affair.

All of these bits of confidential information could have big dollar impact on another person or business, which is why some people would [...]

May 1st, 2012|Cell Phone Spying|