Missing Heirs or Unknown Heirs Are Traceable with

has a reputation for being able to locate missing heirs or people. Usually it is because a family member is trying to reconnect with another family member who has not been in contact for a long time. But other situations arise where we are asked to find people like the case of the veteran who died not remembering he had an insurance policy and hadn’t seen any family for more than 55 years. The veteran was quite elderly and had moved into a nursing home because he needed care. When he passed, his bank acted as executor and discovered he was the owner of an insurance policy that had been purchased in the late 1940s. It was now worth more than a half a million [...]

Find Missing Person – Yes, sir! is good at that!

Most of us have heard about families in which one relative, for whatever reason, becomes estranged from everyone else. Maybe it’s been 20 years or more since anyone knew the whereabouts of Uncle Joe, who left home after a bitter argument with his dad. Maybe a pregnant, unmarried cousin was pressured to give up her unborn child for adoption so she leaves the family and never reappears. Whatever the reason might be for the empty chairs at annual family reunions and holiday dinners, finding those people suddenly becomes important when lost relatives are named to inherit from a deceased family member’s estate. It’s not unusual at all for everyone to blink and shrug and admit they have absolutely no idea how to locate people who [...]

Missing Persons Case Ends in a Bit of a Surprise

We are used to being the last resort. It kind of comes with the missing persons investigations territory. It doesn't apply to all cases where we are asked to find a missing person, but many. was hired by an insurance company to try to locate a missing person who was the heir to the estate of a man who died at the age of 85. He had never married and had had one sibling – a sister – and an older sister at that. Both his parents were long deceased and there was no record of his having any contact with his sister for over 40 years. The last information provided to the missing persons investigator was that she had moved to California – somewhere. [...]

Missing man’s story has happy ending

has had some cases that have taken some interesting turns, that’s for sure. We were contacted by a family for help in finding a missing person - their son. He was in his mid-twenties and had taken his wife of two years to South America for vacation. She retuned alone saying he had disappeared and she had no idea where he was. The parents made some inquiries, but were unable to locate any trace of him. It appeared, just like the wife said, that he had simply vanished. Figuring out that finding a missing person is not an easy task, especially outside the country, they turned to . It didn’t take too long before our missing person investigator found him - in a South American [...]

Missing Person Investigation Solved Under a Bridge

When you think of private detectives like , you probably don’t think of missing heirs, do you? No you’ve got your head wrapped up in crimes and great mysteries and cheating spouses. In actuality, because we have such great access to restricted databases, we are often called upon to locate a missing person. Often, the case has to do with estranged family members and inheritances. We got a call from an attorney who was handling a large estate. The estate couldn’t be closed because one of the beneficiaries was missing. He was one of two siblings and his sister hadn’t talked to him for years. She had no idea where he was, so we were asked to embark on a missing person investigation. There are [...]

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