How to Find a Witness, Heir, Client, Family Member, Friend or Lost Love

There are basically two types of locates behind the various reasons to request them: 1) An attorney who needs to find a witness for a case, an heir to an estate or their own Client.  How does an Attorney lose contact with a Client?  Civil and Criminal cases can take months or even years for a court date and it is the responsibility of the Attorney’s Client to provide current contact information.  If that doesn’t happen and a court date is set the Attorney needs his Client to be notified and with outdated information, that isn’t possible. 2) Personal locates to search for a family member, friend or a lost love.  Lost loves are the most difficult locates, especially when the person being searched is [...]

Professional Investigators are Attorneys’ Information Resource

Byron (not his real name) was sitting in his attorney's waiting room waiting to deliver some documentation relevant to a suit he was bringing against a former employee that required some computer forensics. As he waited he overheard a couple talk about the reason they were there regarding a problem about real estate assets and how those assets had been shifted from one owner to another and they suspected cell phone eavesdropping. Less interested in the details of their private business, than how the two cases were so very different, Byron wondered how could one attorney adequately represent the interests of clients in such different areas and situations?  Who could be expert enough in both areas as well as things like finding hidden assets in [...]

Attorneys Get Results From Professional Private Investigators

Because professional private investigators like provide attorneys with verified information that is immediately available for their use, attorneys consider us more than a convenience, especially in the area of asset research. We are like that one pair of pliers in the toolbox you always reach for. The pair that is strong and reliable. Plus, just like the pliers are multipurpose, we are, too: Turnaround time for coming up with the facts or truth about a situation is pretty quick with us. In the case of financial asset research or when trying to locate hidden assets like hidden bank accounts or stock accounts, and when time is of the essence, that fast turnaround is critical. Experience and variety of resources plays a big part of that. [...]

Finding Hidden Assets is Like Asking, “Where’s the Beef?”

Every day there is someone coming up with another way they think will be successful in hiding assets from a former spouse, litigants or even their partners. There is a practice becoming more and more common. We call it a “practice” because no matter how often someone does it, it won’t be perfect and eventually, they always get caught. The practice is providing a wrong social security number by switching two of the digits when opening an account. The bad guy figures if he gives an inaccurate social security number, no one will find out – even if someone does an asset investigation searching for hidden bank accounts or stock accounts. But someone WILL find out—it could be an investigator, the attorney or the authorities—and [...]

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