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Divorce and Children: Investigations of Marital Infidelity Used in Child Custody Decisions

What starts with a request from one spouse for to find proof of a cheating spouse or other marital infidelity often expands into another area: child custody. The requests to find evidence of an extramarital affair by an unfaithful wife or unfaithful husband continue to surge, which is why we have much experience in this area. Many times, one spouse is already talking with an attorney and they already believe there have been signs of an affair and just need evidence. Other times, it is not a secret affair or a desire to catch a cheating spouse. It could be financial or personal infidelity. Little (or not so little) lies or secrecy surrounding finances or activities could be the impetus for surveillance as well. And [...]

Cell Phone Legal Compliance Dictates Protocol at

A recent article in Slate caught my eye. Writer Ryan Gallagher brought to light a gray area regarding private investigators and the use of GPS tracking equipment. He talks about a January ruling by the Supreme Court, saying it “held that law enforcement use of GPS trackers to monitor movements constitutes a ‘search.’” It brought to light the importance of working with a professional private investigator. Because works with attorneys and clients around the nation and globe, we are very diligent about staying on top of the laws and regulations regarding investigative techniques – and act accordingly. This doesn’t only apply to GPS tracking devices, it applies to other areas such as cellular forensics. There are very specific processes and protocols for acquiring devices for [...]

Spy Detective Uncovers Covert Tracking and Listening Devices

What’s smaller than a deck of cards and able to reveal everywhere you drive? A GPS system. And we’re not talking the GPS system that came with your vehicle. Here at , we are looking for the GPS systems that have been installed on your vehicle without your knowing about it. Some people think that if another GPS tracking device was put in their car, it would interfere with the GPS system they use to get around town. Not so. Both devices are receivers and neither would interfere with the other one. As spy detectives, we usually get a call from an attorney who has a client that believes someone is tracking him. We can complete Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, or what is called a TSCM [...]

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