Medical Provider Fraud Surprises Innocent Patients

You might be surprised to learn that not all insurance fraud is uncovered because of a personal injury investigation, workers compensation fraud investigation, product liability investigation or a long term disability insurance fraud investigation. No, it’s not always the “patient” who is being investigated. Sometimes it is the medical care provider!

Not every doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor is committing medical insurance fraud, but some are. Investigators were called in regarding insurance claims coming in from a specific chiropractor. The insurance company noticed that the number of claims had significantly increased from this particular service provider and the services were long-term and fairly extensive. It was the change in the claim history and types of claims that triggered one of those “red flags” for adjusters.

Insurance [...]

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    Full Service Investigators Bring It All to Insurance Fraud Cases

Full Service Investigators Bring It All to Insurance Fraud Cases

Part of the reason why insurance companies, attorneys and self-insured companies hire a private investigator like International Investigators is because we can uncover the truth in a wide variety of situations.

For example, in one case where a car was allegedly stolen and recovered completely burned out, the insurance company asked us to investigate the owner. The insurance company did not share their file, which is not uncommon, nor did they share why they were asking us to investigate. We were provided with information about the claimant and simply were asked if we could investigate to see if he had been involved in burning the car.

After getting the details of the location where the car was burned and the location of the claimant’s home and [...]