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Save Your Business with Due Diligence

Before making vital decisions, many company owners carefully identify and access the risks. They realize how crucial it is to gather all possible information and conduct due diligence. Without a doubt, every bit of information must be updated and, above all, accurate. That is exactly why frequently receive calls from business and company owners and global investors. Often they provide a due diligence checklist with some of the items crossed off with documentation attached. They ask us to find answers to all the questions they ask so they can make the most informed decisions. In a due diligence investigation, we follow paper trails, across the country, if need be. As investigators, our job is to find the truth, but also, to provide evidence of those [...]

Has the Resources to Follow Every Lead – Whichever Direction It Takes

When a property owner contacts the police to report that their boat has been stolen, most police departments follow procedure by sending an officer to investigate. The officer does his job, interviewing the victim, gathering information about the stolen property and filing a report. Unfortunately, many police departments are understaffed. Officers are already so busy with trying to control violent criminal activities that the report about a stolen boat usually won't be at the top of the priority list. But when the boat happens to be worth anywhere from $200,000 to $1 million, the insurance company covering the stolen boat will likely want more attention than the police department offers, especially if red flags signal potential insurance fraud. In that situation, insurance companies often seek [...]

Know Exactly Who is Behind Investment Before Sending Money

After working in a manufacturing plant for too many years to count, Roger retired from his job and went home, hoping to live at least a little bit of the good life. But he didn't realize that living on a fixed income would be such a challenge. And so, when an incredible investment opportunity was advertised on television, Roger immediately wired ten grand to the source. Then he sat back to dream for a few weeks while his money grew. After all, the guy on the advertisement promised that every investor would at least double their money. In fact in some instances, investors had a great chance to even triple their investment. Roger never considered the legitimacy of the offer. He had never made such [...]

Safeguard Your Portfolio. Don’t Invest without Due Diligence

It goes without saying that our present economy is tough. Actually, for a few years now, our economy has been a challenge. Sometimes when the going gets tough like this, many of us begin to question our past investment decisions. For example, some of us might begin to distrust the option of investing in the stock market, even if that is what we have spent years doing. When Americans feel anxious about financial stability, many change their investment behavior and seek out what appears to be most secure. And that answer, for many of us, is to invest in gold. Various institutions and individuals may view gold as an attractive option. After all, gold is known as the true currency of our country. But that [...]

Investigators have to Follow the Path Where the Leads Take Them

Long before the attorney called to officially secure services with , his client had decided to part ways with his business partner. From the ground floor, their business had been built with good intentions. But as the business flourished and became more lucrative, his client began to see that his partner no longer offered 50% of the elbow grease. Though he could not prove it, the client also began to suspect that his partner might be stealing from the business, both in cash and assets. So when the attorney’s client announced his intention to part ways immediately, he only voiced his wish to buy out his partner's share. Unfortunately, the partner's attitude was anything but understanding. As the months wore on, the client began to [...]

Experience, Expertise and Cutting Edge Technology Provide Investigative Best Practices

When Ken and Sonya entered the door at with their attorney, they were frustrated and felt very helpless. Their problem had been going on for several weeks. They had reached out to legal authorities but got few answers. As many successful business owners do, this couple had purchased real estate in various locations across the country. Most of what they owned was within driving distance of where they lived in the United States, but they also had homes in locations where they enjoyed vacationing. They had purchased a relatively large estate last year in a sunny vacation resort area. Soon after purchasing the property, they hired an individual to oversee the property. They had planned to make the trip at least twice each year, but [...]

Due Diligence Investigations are Worth the Time and Money

When we were initially contacted by a manufacturer in China, we were asked to investigate one of his customers that operate a business within driving distance of one of our offices in the United States. The manufacturer was understandably irate. Over the last decade, he had been contracted by this entrepreneur to manufacture some products. He had been paid for every other order. And that was why, even though the last order involved a lot more money, the manufacturer followed through, trusting the relationship he had previously established with this particular business owner. He had felt that the questions of due diligence had been sufficiently answered through his previous experience. When phone calls and emails reached nothing but dead ends, the manufacturer made two trips [...]

Before You Jump into a Great Investment or Agree to a Short-term Loan to a Friend, Confirm the Truth through a Due Diligence Investigation

As professionals, we tend to see the more negative side of life. But we don’t exactly consider that to be a negative trait. Because we question everything and tend to dig far past the usual surface, can very often smell a rat where no one else would believe it to be true. We approach with caution. We get the facts. And then we make a professional assessment. According to a recent survey conducted by FINRA Investor Education Foundation Report, at least 80% of Americans have been solicited at least once in their lifetime by scam artists. We can skillfully sniff out the scammers with due diligence and background investigation skills. If you are considering an investment of any sort, conduct a due diligence investigation, especially [...]

When Your Quest is Truth; Hire a Private Investigator

Law officers and ambulance drivers, emergency room doctors and defense attorneys often boast that they see the weirdest of the weird. But sometimes the weird stories can be added to the discussion by adjustors for insurance companies. One particular story involves an adjustor in Colorado and her claimant, who insisted that her vehicle had dropped into a vertical mine shift. Knowing that the police department had no time to search endless acres of rocky terrain in the area of Baily, Colorado, the adjustor called on a private investigator. She asked the private investigator to do everything they could to locate the missing vehicle and solve the fishy-sounding story. After many long hours and long days of searching the rough terrain in off-road vehicles, the investigators [...]

Make Smart Choices: Due Diligence or Hidden Assets in Divorce

Private investigators are not relationship counselors – we are fact finders. The main mission of is to provide clients with solid facts and information they need to make informed and smart decisions. We get calls from clients and attorneys during divorce proceedings, especially when a hidden bit of information surfaces like accounts that were not known to both parties or debts that had been hidden. Hiding money in a divorce often begins with hiding money in a marriage. A hidden account investigator begins an asset investigation with a statewide asset search and then a nationwide asset search. We look for: Hidden bank accounts Hidden retirement funds Hidden off shore accounts We try to locate stocks and bonds and other missing assets. But that is all [...]

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