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Are You a Targeted Individual for Blackmail

Are you a TI? That is, a Targeted Individual?

A Targeted Individual is someone who is illegally or covertly harassed, abused, stalked or spied upon continuously by a group of people, an organized surveillance.

Being a Targeted Individual is more than a boyfriend, spouse or colleague who installs cell phone spyware or conducts cell phone surveillance. It is less about following and spying and more about harassment and psychological abuse, potentially physical harm as well. That being said, one of the first steps taken by International Investigators may be mobile phone hack detection or mobile phone spyware detection.

Let me explain using a scenario that is becoming more and more common and compel clients to call International Investigators.

Zach was a prominent real estate executive in a large [...]

Forensic Data Recovery Reveals the Culprit

When Marcus reflected back on how he felt a few months ago, before his attorney hired a private investigator, his knees felt weak. For a long time, Marcus feared that he might never be able to prove the truth. He feared that he might be unjustly sentenced to a prison term. He worried that he would lose his family and all that he worked for so many years to financially achieve.

First, Marcus spent long hours searching for clues. He tried in vain to speak to detectives at the police department. But it seemed that everyone assumed he was guilty long before a trial date was even set.

As the weeks rolled by, Marcus became more upset. He was frustrated and felt like he was living [...]

Virtual Currency and Bad Guys

Private investigators like International Investigators consider staying on top of technology one of the requirements of the job. So when the bad guys start a trend of using a new technology, we are ready with investigative strategies to stay in step with them.

We do a lot of computer investigation, forensic computer analysis and mobile phone forensics. In our experience, bad guys are trying to move money through services like Bitcoin. Many believe that transactions through these services are undetectable. While tracing the transactions takes extra skill and perseverance, they are not completely hidden.

One example is that in order to get funds into the systems, the virtual currency has to actually be purchased. And purchases leave a paper trail.

Computer forensics specialists, especially those who are [...]

Computer Forensic Investigations Overwhelm Authorities

In a recent article in The Police Chief, First Sergeant Charles Cohen, of the Indiana State Police identifies the challenges facing authorities in the field of computer forensics. He says that computer forensic investigators, detectives, and prosecutors all have similar lamentations:

There is an unacceptable backlog of computers and devices waiting for examination.
By the time computers are examined, it is often too late to follow many of the leads that are produced.
Most detectives do not understand computer forensics and what it can accomplish to further their investigations.
Many computer forensic examiners do not understand the investigation, causing them to overlook relevant information and expend resources needlessly.

These are some of the reasons why attorneys and their clients across the nation turn to International Investigators when it comes [...]

Today’s Investigative Skills

Unfortunately, some people continue to hold onto old stereotypes. Uninformed members of the general public still envision a private investigator as a trench coat-wearing figure, hiding behind a newspaper in a motel lobby. Of course, more informed members of the community, those who actually stay in touch with the times, know better. They not only know, they deeply respect the fact that many private investigators are amazingly talented researchers.

We have many resources at our fingertips. We also have the ability to think fast on our feet. The investigators in this firm are all of those things plus a lot more. Intellectually, we are at the top. At International Investigators, we take great pride in our skill sets and our track record. Most of the [...]

Investigators Save New Business

You might be surprised how many small business owners’ attorneys contact International Investigators. It’s not just the multi-million dollar enterprises who have to be on guard against corporate espionage and theft by employees. Take this case, for example:

When Mitch and his business partners moved from the West Coast to open a second decorative concrete business in the Midwest, they obviously hoped the new venture would be as successful as the first. But none of them were prepared with just how quickly the business grew. Mitch's finishing techniques were unlike any others. The “wow” factor was immediate. Suddenly the new business was the hot topic among many well-known developers and architects.

But that instant popularity prompted jealously among competitors. Unidentified concrete businesses seemed to be trying [...]

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    Remove the Rose-Colored Glasses to See Clearly with Investigative Services

Remove the Rose-Colored Glasses to See Clearly with Investigative Services

Joan was the type of woman who pretended not to see things. In fact, Joan liked to believe that as long as she didn't talk about a terrible issue, it would somehow just magically go away.

For the last four years of her thirty-year marriage, Joan was an ostrich. She suspected her husband of being a cheating spouse. But she buried her head in the sand. She suspected him of using cocaine again, even after he successfully completely rehab ten years ago. But Joan hid her head as often as possible. She also occasionally wondered if her husband was even capable of swindling Lewis, his longtime business partner. But unfortunately, Joan chose to wear those rose-colored glasses. And in the end, Joan was penniless.

When her [...]

Computer Forensics Uncovers Business Embezzlement

For more than a year, Sam and Julie worried about their future as business owners. For some unknown reason, their successful business now struggled financially. Sam spent long nights carefully studying line items on the budget with Steve, their business partner.

It was difficult for Julie to finally speak up. But when they again worried about how to survive financially, she admitted her suspicious feelings about their business partner Steve. Julie was insistent that Steve absolutely had to be stealing money.

Sam was positive that could not be the problem. Steve had been a long-time friend. He believed there was no way he would do something like this. Besides, Steve was as unstable financially as they were. Plus, since Sam repeatedly examined the financial records with [...]

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    Veteran Private Investigator Rides the Cutting Edge of Cyber Sleuthing

Veteran Private Investigator Rides the Cutting Edge of Cyber Sleuthing

In a recent article in the Indianapolis Business Journal, International Investigators CEO, Tim Wilcox explains what it means to be on the cutting edge of investigative work in the new millennium.

Cyber sleuthing, something that didn’t even exist two decades ago is one of the fasting growing areas of investigation. Spying has gone digital through cell phones and computers. And, the spy doesn’t have to be anywhere near the subject.

The news reveals that governments and big business have even been accused of spying on each other through the covert installation of spyware on computers and cell phones. But digital spying is not limited to the wealthy or the deep pockets of government and business. No, individuals are getting in the game, too, by purchasing illegal [...]

Cell Phone Forensics Illuminates Murder

When the nearly naked dead body of a 28-year-old male was discovered in a wooded area near a lake, the local sheriff's department requested an autopsy, announced that a large amount of heroin was found in the young man's blood stream and treated the death as a drug overdose. Quickly, the case was closed.

Although the grieving family members were enraged at the actions of local authorities, they gathered to bury the young father of three. But in the weeks following the funeral, they soon discovered that they could not let go of the case. They did not believe the conclusions drawn so quickly by the Sheriff's department. After all, this young man, called Chip by family and close friends, had absolutely no history of [...]