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    Cell Phone Forensics Narrow Search Areas – But You Can’t Delay

Cell Phone Forensics Narrow Search Areas – But You Can’t Delay

There is one element of cell phone forensics that the public, including some attorneys, doesn’t often think about and it is one that can make a huge difference – if CONDUCTED IN A TIMELY MANNER.

When most people think of cell phone forensics, they think of mobile phone analysis or cell phone spyware detection. In most of those instances, the actual mobile device is needed and forensic cellular evidence is extracted using data mining software.

However, a cell phone investigation can be the first step in uncovering critical evidence for situations other than forensics data recovery and mobile phone hack detection.

A good example is how, in September, 2014, cell phone forensics helped to narrow the search area for a missing airplane in Alabama.

There were two men [...]

Use of Cell Phone Spyware by Stalkers Growing

Although often marketed under the guise of keeping track of employees’ whereabouts, cell phone tracking software is much more than a GPS. And the software is often misused and takes advantage of the most vulnerable.

In fact, stalkers have taken their actions to a whole new, frightening level turning a device that is seen as a life line into a cell phone spy.

Cell phone monitoring using malware software can be installed in a matter of a few minutes and the victim can be completely unaware anything is different with their cell phone.

Domestic abuse advocates and shelters place cell phones on the top of the list when working with victims. One of the first suggestions they make is turning the phone off, removing the sim card [...]

Not Even the Experts You Hire Can Catch Everything

In today's world, there is a lot of room for expertise. At International Investigators, our expertise involves tracking down the truth and gathering facts to prove it. We do this confidentially and use highly sophisticated technology-based databases.

Your expertise might also be in a specialized area. But the point is that we can't all be experts in all areas. For example, many business owners don't know everything there is to know about computers. That skill isn't a prerequisite to business ownership and is a big relief for many. Lots of company owners simply hire IT people to take care of everything related to computers. They don't worry about what they don't know since they are paying someone else to know.

Much of the time, that strategy [...]

New Technology Adds to the Value of Digital Forensics

There are changes coming and, as usual, they have to do with technology. So you know that International Investigators is seeing the application in our work.

Besides keeping your smartphone in your pocket or purse at all times, people are beginning to track themselves in other ways like wearables, apps and even with products like Fitbit. Let’s talk about that.

Fitbit syncs with your phone, tablet, laptop or desk top computer. So information from the Fitbit can be accessed and preserved as evidence by a forensic investigator using data mining software.

In a landmark case in Calgary, Canada, Fitbit data was used as evidence to show the lasting effect of an accident on a victim. She had extensive historical records before and then after the accident to [...]

Computer Forensics SOP in High Profile Cases

Since the mid-1980s, computer forensics has been allowed in criminal court as evidence. It continues to be a highly important aspect of investigation. Pertaining to any type of legal evidence discovered on computers, this branch of digital forensics science is one of many ways that International Investigators helps clients in their pursuit of the truth. Here are a few examples of how computer forensics experts helped to either solve cases or prosecute them:

BTK Killer: A man named Dennis Rader began to send letters to police on floppy disks. A computer forensics investigation used data mining software to uncover Meta data within files that implicated Rader as the author. Forensic data recovery provided the evidence needed. He was indicted and charged with multiple murders conducted [...]

Identity Theft vs. Identity Fraud

Because we stay in the know, constantly arming ourselves with ways to assist our clients, International Investigators is most concerned about how computers can sometimes turn our clients into victims. To explain our point, we wish to share some rather scary information with you: every two seconds, another American becomes the victim of identity fraud.

In fact, according to research conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research, the number of identity fraud victims jumped in 2013 to 13.1 million. That was an increase of 500,000 from 2012.

Most often, the media talks about identity theft, which occurs when your personal information is accessed, even if it is not necessarily to be used for financial gain. For example, a person steals your social security number and takes on your [...]

Investigative Industry More Than 150 Years Old and Growing

Like every other career in America, private investigation has been positively affected by technology. In fact, technology has helped International Investigators go global, literally. Our reputation and relationships with law enforcement and other investigative professionals now spans several countries. We are extremely proud of that fact. The more worldly we become, the more possible it is to meet the needs of clients with international cases.

Because International Investigators is a very well-known and well-respected firm, attorneys and judges trust out ethics when we provide evidence for the courts. And because of that very polished reputation, attorneys come to us with an immediate comfort level, knowing their clients will be well-served. They trust that we are highly confidential. We get things done.

Specialists in computer forensic investigation [...]

Advanced Persistent Threat Threatens Digital Security

The worry over security is at its highest level in history. Corporations and manufacturers have full-time staff and departments fighting to eliminate vulnerabilities and safeguard company secrets and information.

Some organizations conduct regularly scheduled computer forensic analysis on employee’s business devices. Forensics consultants are on retainer and computer forensic services are a line item on the budget.

Likewise, company issued cell phones are collected and routine mobile phone hack detection and mobile phone spyware detection are conducted. While employees might take advantage of a vulnerability in the system, companies are also concerned with security breaches that are unknown to employees such as spyware being uploaded inadvertently by an employee.

The idea of corporate espionage mostly conjures up visions of covert operations to STEAL something – ideas, clients, [...]

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    A Date is Such a Little Detail Until an Investigation Hinges on It

A Date is Such a Little Detail Until an Investigation Hinges on It

The world seems to get smaller every day – and more confusing. With global business and transportation becoming a norm, Americans must become more aware and accepting of different ways of doing things. The liter is more prevalent around the world than the gallon. Measurements are based on the metric system in most countries other than the United States.

While these might seem like little things, one very simple, yet critical, difference is that of the format of dates. International Investigators are very cognizant of the differences because in our line of work, it can really matter. In fact, a date may be a life or death bit of information.

Because we conduct so many computer forensic investigations on business devices that conduct transactions in the [...]

Owners have Options When Business Reviews are Faked

Marketing and PR firms continually tell their clients about the importance of client reviews and testimonials. Good reviews online and on sites like Yelp can mean a thriving business or severely damage the bottom line.

That’s why fictitious reviews are a growing problem. First of all, positive reviews bought and posted degrade the credibility of the review sites, so professional sites are on guard against them. And, if detected, will remove them. If the abuse is continual or excessive, the business could also be removed from the review site. So business owners who are solicited by firms that guarantee positive reviews, and a certain number of them, will likely get burned in the end.

The other side is the negative reviews and the damage that can [...]