cheating spouse

Statistics Show That Cheating Spouses Are Common

Because we’re big believers in utilizing as many resources as possible when you find yourself in need of information and facts, we wanted to share the following statistics with you:

In 45 % of marriages in America, one or both spouses admit to marital infidelity
57 % of married men admit to being a cheating husband
54 % of married women admit to being a cheating wife
36 % of cheating spouses enter into a secret affair with a co-worker
Extramarital affairs occur 36 % of the time during business trips
17 % of cheating spouses are having affairs with their brother or sister-in-laws.
The average length of an extramarital affair is two years
Only 31 % of marriages recover from infidelity

Now if you happen to be reading this information with a [...]

Top 10 Signs of a Cheating Spouse

There’s nothing romantic about this, but nearly half of all marriages in America crumble and eventually end up on a divorce attorney’s desk. Reasons for a failed union range anywhere from conflicts over stepchildren in blended families to physical, emotional or verbal abuse, financial stress and, of course, marriage infidelity.

Women are notorious for their innate ability to sniff a rat somewhere. More than 80 percent of the time, that intuition is right on target. But be aware ladies that 81 percent of cheating men lie their faces off when confronted. What if, no matter how many times he insists he’s not guilty, you are sure, right down to your bones, that you have an unfaithful husband? Take a look at these top 10 signs [...]