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    Cell Phone Forensics Investigation Calls for Expertise and Experience

Cell Phone Forensics Investigation Calls for Expertise and Experience

Cell phone investigation and cell phone forensics requires a growing body of knowledge – and experience is becoming more and more important. The main reason is the continual progress in technology advancements.

One aspect is the evolution of cell phones and operating systems.

As a cell phone consumer you may think there are only a few real differences between the different cell phones on the market, I mean you can get a computer that uses one of three major operating system vendors:

MS Windows
OS X from Apple Inc.
Linux OS

That does not hold true for cellular phones. There are more operating systems for cell phones than for desktop computers. The top five include:

Android OS
Apple iOS
Blackberry OS

And even though they all offer similar functions and options, they are very [...]

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    Is Your Employee’s Phone a Mobile Spy Leaking Your Business Secrets?

Is Your Employee’s Phone a Mobile Spy Leaking Your Business Secrets?

All you have to do is sit in a coffee shop or lunchtime dining spot to hear that sensitive business information is being discussed. It may not be about a top secret merger or a hot new product, but information about how a company does business and who their customers are is bantered about in casual discussions.

And with the proliferation of ILLEGAL spyware available on the Internet, cell phone spying is becoming more and more a problem. Here at International Investigators, our mobile phone forensics team is being asked to conduct cell phone spyware detection for more and more businesses.

Cell phone monitoring is most often regarded as a way for someone in a relationship to keep tabs on their partner, or in a stalking [...]

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    Turn it Off and Stash it in a Drawer to Prevent Cell Phone Spying

Turn it Off and Stash it in a Drawer to Prevent Cell Phone Spying

My friend recently had a meeting with her attorney. I don’t know what they needed to discuss – we never talked about that. We did talk about the Cell Phone Policy her attorney had adopted and required everyone in the office – including clients – to adhere to.

Because of the escalating incidence of cell phone surveillance and cell phone spying, the firm adopted the policy. Every cell phone that came into the office had to be turned off and left locked in a designated cabinet during all visits and consultations. No active cell phone moved past the receptionist’s desk.

Here at International Investigators we understand why the legal firm has taken the stand. We see the increase in mobile device forensics brought on by the [...]

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    Cell Phone Spying is Infiltrating Daily Life of the Average Citizen

Cell Phone Spying is Infiltrating Daily Life of the Average Citizen

Whether you like Anderson Cooper or not, he is part of the mainstream media and the topics he covers are often timely and informative. He had two women on his television program in the fall who revealed their husbands had spied on them through their cell phones.

The incidence of cell phone spying has grown and infiltrated the daily lives of average citizens in situations like the women on Cooper’s television show. Cell phone eavesdropping is accomplished through the installation of software directly onto the device. That can happen simply through the opening of an email or an image – and, in the case of these ladies, getting an email or text from your husband would not send up any red flags.

Cellular forensics or mobile [...]

Either Way, Cell Phone Forensics Uncovers the Facts

I recently wrote about computer rental retailers that were caught illegally watching lessees’ activities and gathering data through computer monitoring software meant to keep track of rented computers. That sort of monitoring is illegal, but there is another type of monitoring that may fall into a gray area.

Parents are monitoring their children’s cell phone activities. There is a long discussion of the issue in an article on Laptopmap.com. It begins:

“Privacy ends where safety begins,” said Marje Monroe, a clinical social worker, educator and co-founder of ChildrenOnline.org. She consults with schools across the country to help students and parents cope with the dizzying world of social networking, cyberbullying and smartphones.

There are all the conversations taking place about the line between personal information and privacy and [...]

Cell Phone Spying is Illegal in the United States

There is one more reason to be glad you reside in the United States – cell phone spyware is illegal here. With the release of the Apple iPhone5 in Australia, cries can be heard about the “potential tsunami of privacy breaches” according to an article at news.com.au.

The article quotes senior lecturer of Internet law at QUT Peter Black who says that “It is not uncommon for the law to lag behind technology in the sense that technology evolves very rapidly.”

While that is somewhat obvious because of the nature of technology and the nature of legislation, here at International Investigators, we know that the proliferation of cell phone spying is growing and become much more common. Some think it is a good way to catch [...]

Cellular Location Evidence Requires Expert Analysis

The use of cellular forensics has become a real tool for many attorneys and their clients – on both the defense and the prosecution sides of the courtroom.

Although we conduct mobile device forensics or mobile phone hack detection for clients suspecting cell phone spying, we also conduct investigations using cellphone records and mobile phone tracking techniques.

The complexity of cell tower tracking has grown exponentially with the number of cell phone being used today. In fact, cell tower triangulation for cellphone tracking or for locating cellular location is pretty much a misnomer. Cellphone experts say that there is no cellular tower triangulation because cell phone signals bounce from tower to tower depending not only on geographic location, but also the volume of signals in a [...]

Be Alert to Signs of Cell Phone Spying

We are getting more and more people asking how they can tell if they have fallen subject to cell phone spying. There are a few symptoms and signs that might indicate you need to undergo mobile phone spyware detection:

Battery life is significantly reduced
The battery in the phone is hot when not being used by you
You hear odd noises like clicking during conversations
You hear voices in the background during conversations
The screen flashes on at unusual times – without a call or other incoming message

We recently were contacted by a woman who lived in a small town and she became very concerned that others were hearing confidential conversations she was having with someone who lived outside the community. Things she had confided about people were coming [...]

Cell Phone Forensics Provides Relief to this Husband

A very distraught man contacted International Investigators recently asking if we could do a mobile phone forensics analysis. He’d been married 19 years and his wife was acting “funny.” How? He had a list:

She was whispering on her cell phone
She was keeping her cell phone in her pocket or purse or somewhere close to her at all times
She was texting – something she didn’t normally do a lot
She would get a call and walk away or out of the room to talk

He confronted her, thinking she was having an extramarital affair. She denied it, but he was not convinced.

He had tried to get text data from the carrier, but learned he was not able to get that information without a subpoena. There’s a legal [...]

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    Cellular Phone Forensics Mapping Cell Tower Locations Results in Confession

Cellular Phone Forensics Mapping Cell Tower Locations Results in Confession

Aren’t cell phones wonderful things? Young people may not realize the freedom and connectivity that we older folks know a cell phone provides. We remember having to wait until we got home to make or return a call. Or how many husbands were really out on a limb when they got to the grocery store and they were out of a specific brand of vanilla his wife said to get. Life is so different.

Not only is life for the average Joe and Jane different, the way the authorities and police operate is different as well. Forensic phone analysis is a critical weapon in the crime-fighting arsenal.

For instance, putting together the pieces of the puzzle in the murder of a teenage girl centered on her [...]