Un-turn Every Stone in an Asset Investigation

As a divorce asset investigator firm, experience has taught all of us here at that you have to keep an open mind and look at things from all different perspective if you want to be asset investigations and recovery professionals. You never know what turns a case might take. We could just about hear the attorney’s head shaking while we were talking to him on the phone. He had a client in the process of a divorce. It was a second marriage for both parties and the night before the wedding, she had had a little too much champagne and when a pre-nuptial agreement was placed before her, she signed it without even looking at it. She had no idea what it said, nor did [...]

When do You Need a Hidden Asset Investigator?

Here at , we get asked a lot of questions about what we do and can do. Sometimes it is to help a specific client and sometimes it is just curiosity. Asset Investigation is an area that intrigues people and also an area so many people find themselves thinking they might need help. Hiding assets can occur in many situations, but the primary reasons often center on a separation or divorce and when anyone is thinking they are going to be sued. Lawsuits could be for debts, when someone is found guilty of a crime or negligence or even for business reasons. It really comes down to personal liability and sharing assets. Hiding Money in a Divorce When one spouse does not want to share [...]

Experienced Asset Search Investigators Open the Toolbox

If you think asset investigation is simply going through databases and making calls, you are mistaken. Although an asset search investigator does his share of at-desk duties, the hidden asset investigator often has to get in the field and undertake a good, old-fashioned, gumshoe detective’s work. It doesn’t matter if we are simply looking for missing assets or trying to determine if one spouse is hiding money in a divorce, many of the techniques uses to search for assets requires work on the streets. For example: Sometimes we find hidden assets documentation or information that leads us to previously unknown assets through dumpster diving. Items, such as envelopes, notes, statements and the like, get thrown away but can provide a lead to stock accounts, hidden [...]

Outside Investigator Can Search for Assets and Answers in Family Disputes

When news stories seem to come out clustered around one topic, it makes it apparent that we need to talk about it. Just over the last couple of weeks, I have seen news reports or documentaries about family disputes and in both situations there were step-parents, siblings and step-siblings at odds with each other about the care of an elderly parent and their subsequent estate. is familiar with these situations. Sometimes a widow or widower is aging and becomes unable to handle their financial or medical care. One of the children is given power of attorney and siblings or other relatives suspect them of mismanaging funds and perhaps even the medical and daily care of the subject. Others in the family suspect they are milking [...]

Taking Them to Court? Search for Assets First

An attorney for a lady calling herself a reluctant landlord was on the other end of the phone call to . The attorney explained that she was one of the many people who ended up renting out a property she could not sell. That also meant she was not an experienced landlord. She had run a credit check and checked references from prior landlords and the applicant’s job when the tenant first applied. Everything checked out. She didn’t think anything about hidden money or hidden bank accounts – she had no reason. But after six months, the tenant lost her job and in the eighth month, quit paying rent. She learned quickly about the eviction process in her county and about what damage and mess [...]

Hidden Asset Search Investigator Plays Big Part in Divorce Cases

In our many years providing asset investigations and recovery services for attorneys and their clients, has accumulated volumes of experience and knowledge. That’s why we are known as a premier Indiana asset search investigator. One of the reasons attorneys are quick to call us when they see assets in divorce is because we are experts in all the ways spouses try hiding money in a divorce. According to, 80% of divorces involve one spouse who is actively seeking the divorce while the other spouse does not want to dissolve the marriage. Guess which one of those people will react with anger and resentment. Yes, it is most often the person who is being left behind. Maybe it’s just human nature to show your worst [...]

Chances are Hidden Assets Aren’t Buried in the Backyard

I almost laughed the other day when I ran across an article providing instructions on how to bury valuables. At first, I thought it would be a humorous piece, and started to share it here in the office. But then we realized that it was a serious, step-by-step guide to squirreling away valuables in the ground so no one could locate hidden assets. Here at , we are known as a top Indiana Asset Search Investigator. We know how to find hidden assets through a statewide asset search as well as a nationwide asset search. We’ve even dabbled across the waters to locate off shore accounts and to find international accounts opened with the purpose of hiding money and other valuables. One thing people don’t [...]

Attorneys Can’t be Experts in Everything Including Hidden Asset Investigation

Here at we work with a lot of attorneys. One thing we can say is that most every attorney we work with wants to do the best job they can for their clients. And they know that they aren’t an expert on every situation that is brought to them – they can’t be because the world is such a broad and diverse place. If an attorney wants to be the best, they have to access all the resources available and many times, what they need is more than the limited resources they have available in-house. Yes, they have libraries and some research staff, but we know we can add immensely to their information to best represent their client. Many of their searches involve asset investigations [...]

Asset Search Uncovers Ruse of Properties Transferred to Business

A search to locate hidden assets is not always linked to divorce proceedings. is often asked to complete an asset investigation to find hidden assets in business situations. Because of our professional standing and expertise, has access to data bases and changes which makes locating hidden assets efficient in both the time and cost involved. Recently we were contacted by a lending organization and asked to see if we could be successful in finding hidden assets they suspected a borrower owned. The company had secured a judgment against the borrower relating to a foreclosure on a piece of property. The borrower was linked to two companies, both of which had been dissolved. Or, at least they had been dissolved administratively through paperwork. The lender asked [...]

Private Investigators Follow the Money to Help Determine if a Lawsuit is Viable

Do you ever wonder how attorneys decide if they will take a case, especially those cases where the attorney only gets paid if they win the lawsuit? We get calls from attorneys all the time asking, “Can you check this out? I want to know if there really is a case here.” We call it a pre-litigation case. It works like this: An attorney is approached by a potential client with a case. The attorney’s compensation would be on a contingency basis, meaning he would get a portion of the award. He contacts us to investigate whether or not the subject of the suit has the means to pay; assets to cover the amount of a court-ordered award. Depending on the outcome of our investigation, [...]

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