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    Experience, Expertise and Cutting Edge Technology Provide Investigative Best Practices

Experience, Expertise and Cutting Edge Technology Provide Investigative Best Practices

When Ken and Sonya entered the door at International Investigators with their attorney, they were frustrated and felt very helpless. Their problem had been going on for several weeks. They had reached out to legal authorities but got few answers.

As many successful business owners do, this couple had purchased real estate in various locations across the country. Most of what they owned was within driving distance of where they lived in the United States, but they also had homes in locations where they enjoyed vacationing.

They had purchased a relatively large estate last year in a sunny vacation resort area. Soon after purchasing the property, they hired an individual to oversee the property. They had planned to make the trip at least twice each year, [...]

Due Diligence Investigations are Worth the Time and Money

When we were initially contacted by a manufacturer in China, we were asked to investigate one of his customers that operate a business within driving distance of one of our offices in the United States.

The manufacturer was understandably irate. Over the last decade, he had been contracted by this entrepreneur to manufacture some products. He had been paid for every other order. And that was why, even though the last order involved a lot more money, the manufacturer followed through, trusting the relationship he had previously established with this particular business owner. He had felt that the questions of due diligence had been sufficiently answered through his previous experience.

When phone calls and emails reached nothing but dead ends, the manufacturer made two trips to [...]

Private Investigators Mine Data and Truth

Though they had some ideas about illicit activity, members of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation failed to dig up enough proof to file charges. And then, frustration led them to hire a French-speaking private investigator. His job was to test 15 offshore service providers in Canada and abroad, to find out if illegal actions were taking place regarding offshore accounts and hidden assets.

Very patiently, the private investigator built a case against several white collar criminals, such as an attorney, who was also a former employee of the Canada Revenue Agency. The investigator also snagged a former executive from the Royal Bank of Canada and several American millionaires. In an effort to duck prosecution, some of the wealthy Americans immediately dropped their US citizenship.

This isn’t the [...]

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    When Divorce Threatens Your Financial Future, an Investigation May Level the Field

When Divorce Threatens Your Financial Future, an Investigation May Level the Field

When Kimberly contacted International Investigators, she tearfully explained that she was very sure that her husband was having an affair. At first she thought, “I’ll just follow my husband,” but after a few days of the cloak and dagger, she saw she didn’t have the time or experience to do it right. And, if she did uncover more signs of infidelity, what would she do with them?

Kim and her husband resided on a 1,200-acre farm. They were surrounded by flat, open land. There was no way for a member of the International Investigators team to conduct surveillance without being easily detected. After all, if Kim’s husband was indeed a guilty guy, guilty guys constantly look over their shoulder.

In addition to the extramarital affair, Kim [...]

When Your Quest is Truth; Hire a Private Investigator

Law officers and ambulance drivers, emergency room doctors and defense attorneys often boast that they see the weirdest of the weird. But sometimes the weird stories can be added to the discussion by adjustors for insurance companies.

One particular story involves an adjustor in Colorado and her claimant, who insisted that her vehicle had dropped into a vertical mine shift. Knowing that the police department had no time to search endless acres of rocky terrain in the area of Baily, Colorado, the adjustor called on a private investigator. She asked the private investigator to do everything they could to locate the missing vehicle and solve the fishy-sounding story. After many long hours and long days of searching the rough terrain in off-road vehicles, the investigators [...]

Objective Asset Search Alleviates Some Pressure in Divorce

Quite often in a divorce proceeding, one spouse may suspect the other of hiding assets. Also common, one spouse is self-employed and the wife (in the majority of cases) has limited knowledge of income and investments. Hiring a private investigator is very often the key to insuring yourself a fair settlement. A private investigator will utilize a variety of investigative techniques to locate hidden accounts and find hidden assets. There are many scenarios that can play out, including:

One spouse may be in collusion with an employer or business partner to delay or hide bonuses, raises or stock options until divorce proceedings are complete.
Financial statements and tax returns seem to need more study.
Investigating the possibility of divorce assets being hidden by dumping money in a [...]

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    Make Smart Choices: Due Diligence or Hidden Assets in Divorce

Make Smart Choices: Due Diligence or Hidden Assets in Divorce

Private investigators are not relationship counselors – we are fact finders. The main mission of International Investigators is to provide clients with solid facts and information they need to make informed and smart decisions.

We get calls from clients and attorneys during divorce proceedings, especially when a hidden bit of information surfaces like accounts that were not known to both parties or debts that had been hidden. Hiding money in a divorce often begins with hiding money in a marriage.

A hidden account investigator begins an asset investigation with a statewide asset search and then a nationwide asset search. We look for:

Hidden bank accounts
Hidden retirement funds
Hidden off shore accounts

We try to locate stocks and bonds and other missing assets. But that is all after the fact [...]

Un-turn Every Stone in an Asset Investigation

As a divorce asset investigator firm, experience has taught all of us here at International Investigators that you have to keep an open mind and look at things from all different perspective if you want to be asset investigations and recovery professionals. You never know what turns a case might take.

We could just about hear the attorney’s head shaking while we were talking to him on the phone. He had a client in the process of a divorce. It was a second marriage for both parties and the night before the wedding, she had had a little too much champagne and when a pre-nuptial agreement was placed before her, she signed it without even looking at it.

She had no idea what it said, nor [...]

When do You Need a Hidden Asset Investigator?

Here at International Investigators, we get asked a lot of questions about what we do and can do. Sometimes it is to help a specific client and sometimes it is just curiosity.

Asset Investigation is an area that intrigues people and also an area so many people find themselves thinking they might need help.

Hiding assets can occur in many situations, but the primary reasons often center on a separation or divorce and when anyone is thinking they are going to be sued. Lawsuits could be for debts, when someone is found guilty of a crime or negligence or even for business reasons. It really comes down to personal liability and sharing assets.
Hiding Money in a Divorce
When one spouse does not want to share their assets [...]

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    When an Investigation Takes a Turn, All In Investigations, Inc. (formerly International Investigators) Has the Experts

When an Investigation Takes a Turn, All In Investigations, Inc. (formerly International Investigators) Has the Experts

There is so much to say about employee theft and employee embezzlement investigations that it is difficult to sort it out into just one topic. And that’s what we find the clients of International Investigators count on us for when they call. We are a one-stop service provider, we can provide whatever services are needed – here, in-house. Our clients don’t have to go to one service provider for handwriting analysis, another for covert surveillance and yet one other for computer forensic analysis or cell tower triangulation. All In Investigations, Inc. (formerly International Investigators) does it all and this is why that is so very important:

The attorney for a medium-sized small business contacted our office. His client was the company owner.  The owner had [...]