We have talked a lot here in the ’ blog about being asked to find hidden assets in divorce situations, but we don’t want you to think that is the only time money is hidden away from the sight of others.

Today I want to talk about another instance when we are called in to complete an asset investigation. An attorney representing a business calls when there is suspicion that an employee is embezzling money from their employer.

When suspicion is aroused in the company, one of the first calls the company management makes is to their attorney asking for advice on how to handle the situation. When we begin such an investigation we might not be finding unknown accounts or even hidden bank accounts or hidden money – it might not be hidden at all. It might be a search for assets that indicate someone is living beyond their means or accumulating a large savings that is incongruent to their income.

A personal asset search can uncover stock accounts, offshore accounts or other overseas accounts as well as the normal banking facility where the person has a checking or savings account. Other assets such as large purchases of vehicles, jewelry, boats or real estate is often revealed as well by a personal asset search investigator.

As professional investigators, we know how to follow each thread that can lead from money in the bank to a purchase or ownership of some tangible asset. Or, a thread could lead us to another account that has truly been hidden away. We know how to trace each thread until the truth is revealed.

Once an attorney is provided the facts by the asset search investigator, our job is done. That is, unless there is a need for us to testify in court at a later date.  Not every investigation results in uncovering embezzlement, but our experience tells us that when there is a suspicion, there is doubt that cannot be erased until the truth is revealed – one way or another. That’s how can help.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations