Businessman Choosing The Right Person In The Old TextureOur challenging economy has forced most business and company owners, large and small, to tighten their belts. Many business owners continue to struggle. But they certainly are not alone in the fight to keep their doors open. Many Americans continue to perfect the art of doing more with less.

In the midst of all that stress, remaining competitive in these very difficult times can sometimes feel overwhelming and exhausting, too. When a business owner feels such pressure, it can be the perfect recipe for disaster. Why? Because stress may inadvertently lead us to cut corners where we usually wouldn’t. And cutting corners never leads to anything positive.

Let’s say that the CFO of your company suddenly resigns, without notice. This loss throws you into a panic. If you were thinking clearly, you would contact to conduct a background investigation on the top three candidates you consider for this position.

You would contact because you trust our aggressiveness. You could relax, knowing that we would access our extensive network of databases and delve into each candidate’s background. Employee background checks also include a criminal background search. If there happened to be red flags anywhere, you would trust us to find them.

But in this instance, you were stressed and you cut that corner. You were nervous about the vacant CFO position because you were already operating with a skeleton crew. So you interviewed candidates. Then you contacted their references, offered the CFO position to the guy from the other coast and called it a day.

A few months later, your choice to cut corners comes back to haunt you in a big way. Without assistance from , the truth about your new CFO stayed buried under a sizable amount of dishonesty on his resume. Evidence was lacking, regarding an actual charge of employee embezzlement. But still, your new CFO was terminated from his last place of employment for suspected theft in the workplace. You were oblivious about this information until it was too late. Now you have missing money and your attorney is calling to begin an employee embezzlement investigation. You see attorney’s fees piling up and even more stress. Don’t cut corners. Call on in the beginning. You won’t be sorry.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations