Spy Detective Uncovers Covert Tracking and Listening DevicesWhat’s smaller than a deck of cards and able to reveal everywhere you drive?

A GPS system.

And we’re not talking the GPS system that came with your vehicle. Here at , we are looking for the GPS systems that have been installed on your vehicle without your knowing about it.

Some people think that if another GPS tracking device was put in their car, it would interfere with the GPS system they use to get around town. Not so. Both devices are receivers and neither would interfere with the other one.

As spy detectives, we usually get a call from an attorney who has a client that believes someone is tracking him. We can complete Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, or what is called a TSCM sweep, to locate any unauthorized devices – like the GPS.

Bad guys can track activity through one of these devices.

There are basically two types. One he would have to retrieve and then download all the information that is recorded historically for about a month. Another type is a real time device that can operate for a couple of days up to about two weeks. The bad guy can access that information wirelessly at any time on a computer or on his smart phone.

When people think of bug detection, phone tapping and spy listening devices planted behind picture frames come to mind. But TSCM can reveal other, less commonly thought of situations; like an unauthorized GPS system on your vehicle or an eavesdropping device in your car.

Many people consider their car or truck the place where they can escape the ears and eyes of others. Not so. Voice activated recorders can be stashed under a seat and although it’s not an effective way to bug someone, conversations can be recorded and heard by others.

If your mom ever taught you to behave at all times like someone else was watching and listening, she might just be more right today than ever before!

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations