It goes without saying that our present economy is tough. Actually, for a few years now, our economy has been a challenge. Sometimes when the going gets tough like this, many of us begin to question our past investment decisions. For example, some of us might begin to distrust the option of investing in the stock market, even if that is what we have spent years doing.

When Americans feel anxious about financial stability, many change their investment behavior and seek out what appears to be most secure. And that answer, for many of us, is to invest in gold. Various institutions and individuals may view gold as an attractive option. After all, gold is known as the true currency of our country. But that does not mean that dealing in gold, whether you are buying or selling, is 100% risk free.

Unfortunately, in every single aspect of global trade, it is imperative to find out who the people are behind investment offers. It is true that as the Internet takes on a more important role in communication and trade, more risk appears.

According to the Federal Trade Commerce, investment complaints regarding fraud increased by 84% in 2011, when compared to the previous year. Does that statistic get your attention? Fraudulent buyers and sellers, fake websites and mention of gold mines that do not exist are issues that have been exposed.

And, once money changes hands, it can be nearly impossible to trace wrongdoing. Even hedge funds and investment analysts have been fooled by Internet criminals. And so, we cannot stress enough in order that you must be diligent – and undertake a due diligence investigation.

It is common practice in legitimate investment organizations to complete a due diligence checklist before investing in any offer. However, savvy scammers know the façade they have to create in order to pass the cursory test. That’s why more and more investors are asking for due diligences services from private firms like .

To know that you have absolutely accurate information, call on an investigative firm like . We can thoroughly investigate every single person or organization offering an investment opportunity. And don’t be pressured into “time sensitive” investments. A due diligence investigation will find the truth – either it’s a solid investment opportunity, or it’s a chance to be duped. Due diligence helps you make the best decision to safeguard your portfolio.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations