investigation and education concept - close up of woman hand holEthics is a constant priority at . Our professional reputation among law enforcement officials, government officials, lawyers and international business men remains untarnished. With every case we accept, our ethical pursuit of the truth is highly respected. Our clients never have to question the level of our confidentiality and integrity. They never have to question whether our investigative team has the skills to swiftly address the specifics of their case.

Variety is one of the reasons why produces good results.

  • Some private investigators work on capital punishment and other criminal defense cases with defense attorneys.

Others investigate questionable insurance claims and overt insurance fraud.

  • Before the term ‘no-fault divorce’ entered the court system, investigators were often hired to provide evidence of extramarital affairs or other divorce-worthy behavior to establish grounds for a divorce.
  • And once spouses decide to divorce, the assets in divorce are questioned. A divorce asset investigator conducts an asset investigation to find hidden assets and unknown bank accounts.
  • Though legalities changed regarding the grounds to end a marriage, investigators continue to be hired to provide information for other domestic issues, especially involving children. A child custody investigator at is always ready to get to the facts and truth.
  • Our ability to find missing persons is well-known so when authorities are searching for missing heirs or unknown heirs and families don’t know how to find missing persons, they call on our experts.
  • Employers contact us seeking background investigations of employee or partner candidates or investigations involving theft by employees.
  • Since news of Ponzi schemes and fraudulent investment vehicles have occurred, investors also secure assistance from investigators. When they consider making an investment in an investment group or other high-risk business, investors often ask for an investigator to prove that the investment opportunity is legitimate through an extensive due diligence investigation.
  • And then, of course, there are certified computer examiners and cellphone experts specializing in cell tower triangulation or mobile phone forensic analysis.

All of these different investigative avenues help investigators choose what most interests them. But also, it is important to play to one’s strengths. For example, has some of the most brilliant researchers. They access hundreds of data bases, looking for specific details for particular cases. Other investigators are smooth and confident when conducting undercover work.

Good investigators have the ability to adapt to the situation and skills needed in different environments. While working undercover, some investigators hope they remain unnoticed to avoid suspicion. Others hope to converse with the person they are investigating, with the goal of using surveillance equipment to record incriminating actions and statements. Pertinent information caught on camera or video is then professionally secured as evidence for impending court cases.

There is never a routine day or a routine case for good investigators – and we like it that way. Every case is handled according to the specific needs of the client and the truth being sought. Every case is custom.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations