Investigation Results words stamped on a yellow envelope containStatically speaking, we know that more males than females are identified as sexual predators. Regardless of gender, anyone who expresses an interest in working as substitute teachers or coaches or reading tutors, school corporations conduct thorough background investigations.

Overall, in many businesses and organizations, new employment opportunities often hinge on the results of employment background checks as well. Accountants, pilots, financial advisors and potential candidates for a CFO position for large companies are all great examples of times when employee background checks, including investigation of a person’s financial, criminal background search and employment history, must be thoroughly examined. Although reasonable, that same level of diligence is not applied to the employment background check involving a female.

That was the case when a young woman in her late twenties applied to be a math teacher at a high school, the background check services concluded that her history in the state of Indiana was spotless. The woman said to teachers that she intended to enroll in college to become a teacher. She hoped the work experience as a math teacher might help with this process. But one of the teachers observed the young tutor being a little too physically close to young male students. Once the principal was made aware of this, teachers stopped leaving the young woman along with students. The principal, needing to make sure all students were protected at all times, contacted his superiors who then contacted .

Because of our access to more nationwide and global data and much more sophisticated research equipment, our investigators can conduct a much more thorough investigation than a routine check. Not only can we access proprietary data bases, but if a case warrants it, we use social media engineering to delve into the personal lives of subjects.

It was through a variety of tools that our investigators identified two previous last names used by the school’s new employee, in two other states. During the application process, she had not divulged that information.

Also through an extensive employment background check, we discovered that she had indeed been employed as a teacher in another state. But the position as terminated and a criminal background search uncovered that she had been charged with child rape, involving two males, ages thirteen and fifteen. In addition to those charges and time served, the criminal background check also revealed that she had been arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Thankfully, teachers acted immediately on what they observed and the administration immediately brought the case to our office. conducted the background investigation and discovered the information before this new employee could victimize more children.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations