No, his real name wasn’t Romeo, but the facts of this case; he was definitely on the path of a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Real Life Romeo Busted on Valentine’s Day

Ronald (Romeo) was a very romantic man, as he described himself to us.  He showered his wife with designer jewelry, bouquets of flowers and they dined at expensive restaurants, drank the finest of wines, which he could pair to any meal.  Even though he was rather plain and not of masculine build, his persona attracted women: that is how he got his wife and his girlfriend.

And why was he our Client? He was the one admitting to an extramarital affair.  Well, that’s exactly how we responded to him; how could our assistance help him with this love triangle?  Our Client was the Cheating Spouse participating in what he believed was a discreet affair leaving no trail of signs of infidelity until……………Valentine’s Day.

It seemed he purchased two sets of very sexy undergarments, one in red, his favorite color and one in pink, also his favorite color and had personal messages written and placed inside each carefully wrapped gift box.  But to his dismay, the identifying tags were accidentally placed on the wrong box thus the gift to his wife was actually purchased specifically for this girlfriend and as you can guess the girlfriend received his wife’s gift.  Not a good start for “Lover’s Day”.

It had been a couple of days after the all exposing gift giving when he requested services, our services that would provide him with information as to his wife’s reaction when she opened her gift and read the card inside:  “To my Angel Karyn, the woman who gives me what I lack in my life”, with Love Ronnie” Her only response was, “Karyn?”, no anger but more of a surprise regarding the name.  From her lack of concern, Ronald knew something wasn’t right, did she, as he, have an interest outside of their marriage?  Was he a cuckold?

Ronald informed us his wife just recently upgraded her phone had given him her old phone for his personal use, after deleting information such as contact lists and text messages.  Upon hearing this we recommended cellular phone forensics analysis be conducted.  Mobile phone forensic analysis has the capabilities of retrieving deleted information such as text messages, contacts, numbers called and received.

Once we finished the cellular forensic analysis for forensics data recovery and provided him with the information it wasn’t long before Ronald was in our office again and this time he was obviously infuriated with the results of our findings.  Unless we are specifically asked to identify numbers, we hand our findings over to the Client for their review.  Ronald was devastated by our results, as he found text message communication between his wife and Karyn and those text messages revealed a very improbable scheme they had concocted against him and the Valentine’s mix up and the gift of her old phone only brought this to light.  His belief he had a committed wife and an adoring girlfriend dissipated in the blink of an eye.   His deception and her deceit were a reality he could not tolerate.  Not only did his wife know about his affair from the beginning, she was the encouragement to Karyn for monetary gains.  Ronald provided his attorney with the evidence he obtained from , as they resided in a state that proven adultery could cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We currently are awaiting the court’s decision on how the information was used.  There are many morals to this story, but the lack of….. is the moral.

– Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations

– B. McGinley, Director of Operations,