Loss Adjuster Inspecting Car Involved In AccidentLaw officers and ambulance drivers, emergency room doctors and defense attorneys often boast that they see the weirdest of the weird. But sometimes the weird stories can be added to the discussion by adjustors for insurance companies.

One particular story involves an adjustor in Colorado and her claimant, who insisted that her vehicle had dropped into a vertical mine shift. Knowing that the police department had no time to search endless acres of rocky terrain in the area of Baily, Colorado, the adjustor called on a private investigator. She asked the private investigator to do everything they could to locate the missing vehicle and solve the fishy-sounding story. After many long hours and long days of searching the rough terrain in off-road vehicles, the investigators were as surprised as the insurance adjustor when they finally found a vehicle in a mine shaft.

Now, we should remind you that private investigators are a different breed of professionals. They have guts and creativity. They are tireless, too. And they will go to any length (within legal boundaries, of course) to get to the truth. And so, with this information in mind, readers can better understand that simply finding the vehicle was not good enough. And that’s why a private investigator was lowered 20 feet on a rope, into the mine shift. And that’s why that particularly gutsy investigator took a camera along for the trip so he could actually snap a couple of pictures of the vehicle VIN numbers. Case closed.

What does truth look like? What is it that attorneys ask for when they call ? We could be asked to:

  • Conduct due diligence or a background check on a potential mate or business partner
  • Find a person who is the biological parent or sibling of a client with a medical issue
  • Perform a cellular phone forensics analysis on a phone to determine the location of the owner on a given day and time
  • Find hidden assets relative to a pending divorce
  • Confirm suspicions of an unfaithful wife or an unfaithful husband
  • Investigate possible workers compensation fraud for an insurance company
  • Complete a computer forensic examination of an employee’s work computer for a business owner who suspects the employee is sharing trade secrets with competitors
  • Locate hidden money from an insurance settlement
  • Gather surveillance evidence in a medical malpractice lawsuit
  • Perform a bug sweep (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures – TSCM) in a conference room in preparation for high-level, confidential business negotiations

Every day is different, but the request boils down to the same thing – the quest for truthful answers.

If you are looking for a relentless team to answer your burning questions about hidden assets or infidelity, insurance fraud and an endless list of other potential needs, call on . We find what you are looking for.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations