A tablet, a mobile phone and a laptop with a sky with clouds onHave you ever heard a person who has all kinds of abilities be described as a “Jack of all trades?”

That term very closely describes the skill set of a private investigator. The only correction is that more women than ever before are now entering this field, so we are careful not to describe our profession in a gender- specific manner.

The point is that both male and female private investigators bring amazing skills and abilities to this career and to their clients. Private investigators must be logical thinkers. They must be detail oriented, fast on their feet and willing to be in potentially dangerous situations. Observational skills are also important in this job.

None of this is new, of course. The role of a private investigator began more than 150 years ago. In fact, the first private investigator agency was opened in 1850 in France. And the owner was Allan Pinkerton. You may have heard of this agency. It became known around the world and takes credit today for the mug shot and the term, “private eye.”

Through the years, private investigators have gathered information and facts by conducting covert surveillance, keeping ears open to conversations and digging through all kinds of phone books and old records. Today’s investigators have all of those skills and still find cases where those skills are necessary. We still see instances of electronic surveillance including listening devises, phone taps and video surveillance signs. But many other skills have been developed also, in an effort to remain in step with today’s world and provide clients with our best skills and services.

proudly offer the highly polished skills of yesterday. But we also are on the cutting edge of today’s computerized world. We are research geniuses, accessing data bases and expertly navigating digital forensics for both cell phones and computers. We professionally engage in forensic data recovery using data extraction software handled by computer forensic experts. Following a strict protocol for computer forensic investigations and cell phone forensics, evidence is secured for use in future court dates.

We work with attorneys, insurance companies, fugitive recovery agents and private citizens, all in the effort to reach the truth based on facts and evidence. Our years of experience help us to offer clients answers, as swiftly as we can possibly get them.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations