Preserving Evidence is Part of Cell Phone InvestigationsCell phone analysis and forensics covers so many different applications that it is difficult to lump it into one particular use.

For instance, when a crime is committed, the police authorities are finding that forensic cell phone data recovery can provide vital information. Because they are able to recover cell phone data, the sequence of events can often be outlined in a factual and objective manner.

Likewise, in the process of an attorney attempting to get a jury to convict or acquit their client, cell phone records are equally as valuable.

The thing about the data on a cell phone is that even when a user thinks he has deleted the evidence, through cell phone deleted data recovery, a forensic expert can retrieve data and records that can be admissible as evidence.

has the expertise to provide factual information that can support or refute testimony – and are also available to provide expert testimony in court. The evidence provided through mobile phone forensic analysis is becoming more and more useful to both prosecutors and defenders.

Using mobile devise forensics tools, analysts are able to collect data from the phone itself. Combined with information carriers can provide, objective information and facts are available.

The collection of data from the carrier often begins with preserving the data and it’s critical that that is done right away – and properly. Incorrect wording or inaccurate information can result in delays, which can result in the destruction of critical information.

Cell phone carriers like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T all collect information on a regular basis. Every call, text or Internet access is documented by every user on every phone. Just think of the amount of information that is collected. It cannot all be stored indefinitely. Therefore, if there is any reason that the cell phone information from a principle, a victim or a suspect could be valuable, it has to be preserved for future forensic phone analysis to occur.

Each carrier requires their own form of request and there is a legal process to accomplish that.

is experienced in providing the language needed to facilitate the issuance of a preservation letter to a carrier quickly and efficiently. Quick action prevents the loss of evidence. Once the preservation process has been completed and the information requested, the mobile phone forensic analysis can be completed and together they can provide a glimpse into the truth of a situation.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations