Detail from a crime sceneOur reputation for finding the truth is one of many reasons why is so well respected. If necessary, we quite literally chase the truth around the globe, leaving no stone unturned.

Our stellar reputation brings attorneys, government officials and company owners to our doors. We are leaders in this industry and clients appreciate our highly sophisticated skills in research, technology and digital forensics. We very proudly bask in the moment when a private investigator finds answers that others failed to find.

Take, for example, this case of an unresolved double homicide and an aggressive private investigator. For more than 25 years, a tortured son, Dennis Hadaller, pursued every possibility to bring his mother’s murderer to justice. Through the years, police detectives moved on to investigate other cases. But Hadaller could not move on from the 1985 murder of his mother, Minnie Maurin, and her husband Ed Maurin.

In 2005, Hadaller placed all of his hope on a private investigator. He wanted the investigator to find two brothers, Ricky Riffe and Greg Riffe. These men were persons of interest in the case. But lack of evidence kept them out of jail. They soon disappeared and no one knew their whereabouts. So, just as he would in a missing person investigation or for a bail recovery agent, the investigator expanded his search.

Hadaller also requested that the investigator pursue any leads in the case, even if they had already been investigated. A few months later, the investigator located a new witness for the case who provided new evidence implicating the Riffe brothers.

After that, through a database search for insurance claims, he found one of the Riffe brothers. They were together in Alaska. More time passed as the investigator diligently gathered evidence that prosecutors would take seriously.

Finally, in July 2013, Hadaller’s long time goal was realized. County law enforcement and Alaska state troopers arrested Ricky Riffe. His brother, Greg Riffe, had died of natural causes. Today, Ricky Riffe is incarcerated, awaiting trial on multiple charges. The judge set bail at $5 million. And Hadaller has a private investigator to thank for this long awaited moment of justice for his mom.

Investigators are some of the most persistent and tenacious people. Good investigators are also patient and very detail-oriented. Little details that others might look past stand out waving to an experienced investigator. Finding people who leave an area because they have suspicions hanging over them seldom completely vanish. Experts like those at know how to find missing persons and when you are as good at it, they can’t hide for long.

Combine that with the ability to uncover the truth with evidence admissible in court and justice could well be served – no matter how long it takes.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations