It Pays to go that extra step in InvestigationsHiding assets in divorce is probably the number one strategic plan of someone with wealth to do. Hidden assets can be money, property or anything of value you want to keep from your spouse. Good financial investigators can find hidden assets. An asset investigation begins with obtaining information from the Client on the Subject. Investigative companies are asset search companies as they have the tools to delve into someone’s financial profile. If you feel your spouse or significant other may be hiding parts of their financial wealth, the best avenue is to contact a company, like

Jackie was in the process of a divorce from her husband of 15 years. They were fighting over who was to retain custody of their three (3) children. Both held down professional jobs, both worked outside of their home, both contributed to the care and welfare of their kids. They had maintained separate financial accounts from the beginning, each contributing to the household expenses, school expenses, and entertainment. When Jackie’s attorney suggested conducting an investigation upon her husband, she was reluctant at first, as she believed everything was out in the open. The divorce stemmed from falling out of love, not from any form of deceit, at least not on her part.

Jackie’s concern was not to have the children uprooted, not to change their day to day activity, to have them placed in the middle or to have to choose with whom they would live. Jackie thought she would naturally maintain custody of the kids, she was their mother after all, but when her husband suggested joint custody, the kids at her house one week, his the next, Jackie realized this was not the ideal situation and disagreed. That’s when the fight started.

We learned Jackie’s husband was not only hiding hidden assets, but hiding them in his girlfriend’s name, along with a car he purchased for her and he was supporting her two children. Shocked, Jackie took off the gloves and utilized our forensic computer investigator to check into the marital computer. The tech conducted a forensic data analysis using a data extraction software and found documents he had hidden behind folders he thought she would never find. Within these folders laid out a life she never knew he had. He had saved documents that he had signed and scanned and had deleted that indicated in the event of his death, while still being married to Jackie, his girlfriend would be given the house he purchased for her, her car and a small trust fund. Although he denied ever signing such a document, our handwriting analysis expert determined it was his signature.

In the end, Jackie obtained full custody of the children, and all the funds he used for his other life, well, Jackie got a big portion of that too.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations