Ostriches Don’t Get a Fair Deal in a DivorceFor those of us who have been divorced, we understand the process and procedures.  We know that we either represent ourselves (which could create problems during and after the divorce) or we retain the services of a reputable law firm (which prevents the pro-se issues).  We enter into a marriage full of hope and dreams and unfortunately, we are only in control of half of that relationship.  We enter into a divorce with the expectation to right the wrongs and in many cases, there are activities that need to be investigated.  The he/said she/said of the relationship holds little weight in court.  Documented behavior and actions are required.  Not all divorces are complicated, but in relationships that end due to deceit, hiring an investigative company to uncover the truth is a good decision to make.

Services that would assist in your divorce/separation:

Obtain surveillance of activity if you suspect your spouse/partner is cheating or is involved in any type of illegal activity, or not properly taking care of the children during visitation and/or in their custody.

Financial Asset Search if you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, has unreported funds, has purchased property or opened accounts without your knowledge.  Even if you have no suspicions, this is an excellent search to request prior to the settlement of property, child support, and division of monetary accounts

Background Search if your spouse is currently involved in a relationship outside of your marriage and there is the possibility that your child(ren) could be introduced or an individual who may come into contact with your child(ren) such as a new sitter or daycare facility.  A Driving History on anyone who has the authorization to transport your child(ren).  Even a background check on your spouse/partner for any type of criminal or civil litigations.

Cellular and Computer Forensics if you suspect your spouse/partner of installing any type of application on your device without your knowledge or consent.

Polygraph or Voice Stress Analysis if your spouse/partner is suspected of activities they are denying and want to remain in the relationship or work on the relationship.

Your attorney may request these services or you can request them, either way it is always best to be prepared than to be in the dark.