Oh, the Secrets a Computer Reveals in a Computer Forensic ExaminationWe recently had a client who came to us unhappy – and angry.

The business owner was unhappy because he had lost a key employee in his company. But worse than that, he was angry because the employee had started a competing company and the owner suspected the new company was started not only while the worker was still employed by him, but using his firm’s trade secrets, equipment and resources.

He just couldn’t prove it. At least not with enough evidence for his attorney. Of course, the employee denied it when confronted.

Through a computer forensic examination, we were able to uncover documents and communications (e-mails and reports) that brought the truth out. The employee had started his new company before leaving the old one and had taken advantage of confidential corporate information.

The owner had enough evidence afterward to satisfy his attorney who sent a cease-and-desist letter. They were considering other legal actions as well.

Not only did the computer forensics electronic discovery provide evidence, it opened the eyes of the business owner. He discovered that he didn’t have a system in place to protect his company from this situation. He knew he couldn’t prevent every issue from arising, but he was determined to make it more difficult – and evident that this was not acceptable behavior by workers.

Computer forensic investigation can cover computer data forensics recovery like in this case or spyware removal and computer hacking forensic investigation and analysis.

Computers are a reserve of information and resources for investigators when working for clients. If you need proof and it’s inside the computer, we can help you find it and get it out into the open.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations