Not Even Cheating Spouses Want to be the Victim of Cell Phone SpywareI’ve talked several times about the fact that when clients come to , we provide objective facts and information and that often, we don’t know why the information is being requested or how it will be used. We are asked to uncover facts and that is what we do even when it involves cellphone spyware.

Many times when a client hands us a phone or mobile device and asks us to perform a forensic analysis, it is because they are afraid someone is stalking them or trying to obtain information of some sort from them – be it of a personal nature or in regard to their professional life or business. In essence, they believe there might be spyware on their cell phones.

Another common concern is that a spouse is cheating on them and they want to catch a cheater. Usually, they outline the signs of infidelity and, in addition to the cellphone forensics, will ask that our investigators uncover any extramarital affairs.

However, there is a flip side to that scenario.

One case involved a man who handed over his cell phone asking that we use our “cell phone analyzer” to complete a mobile phone forensic analysis to determine if spyware had been installed on his device. We completed the cellphone forensic analysis and confirmed that the devise was free of any malware.  He thanked us and went on his way – and don’t know why he wanted to know or what he suspected.

We do know there are people who want to verify that there is no cell phone listening device on their phones because they intend to engage in activities they don’t want others to know about. It could be an unfaithful husband or an unfaithful wife. Besides someone having an affair, it could be an employee who is ready to leave a business and start his own business.

There could also be a million other reasons. But the facts are what they are and that’s what we uncover and report.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations