Do You Need a Handwriting Analyst or a Computer Forensics AnalystForgery isn’t always a signature. Generally speaking, forgery is creating a false copy in an effort to defraud someone or something. Through the years, has seen that something to be valuable; money, land, custody or control.

A New York man was charged with felonies in two states for allegedly forging checks. But it wasn’t the signature that was forged – it was the amounts of the checks. The signatures were valid, but he was able to cash 13 checks for more than $8,000 over the original check amount.

With handwritten checks, it is possible to complete a thorough handwriting analysis to determine if the maker of the check actually wrote the amounts on the check. Sometimes, in medium-sized businesses, the bookkeeper might make out the check and have it signed by the account holder – usually the owner of the business. In that instance, a hand writing analysis can still identify that the bookkeeper wrote out the check amount.

A handwriting analyst is able to do that by obtaining exemplars of the subject’s handwriting and comparing then in a detailed and meticulous manner within a professional protocol.

An expert forensic examiner has experience. Our professionals here at have decades of experience in government agencies and across the world. They have seen and uncovered some of the most complex operations with their attention to minute details.

But in addition to the expert handwriting analyst, also utilizes the technology and skills of seasoned investigators in forgery cases. The ability to gather experts immediately means that if checks or documents are not handwritten, but altered in other ways – such as on the computer, a computer forensics expert is available to support the investigation and the client doesn’t have to start at the beginning with another firm elsewhere.

Whether you need computer forensic analysis or hand writing analysis, can follow the leads in the direction the case goes, without delaying the investigation.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations