Internet SmartphonePrivate investigators are well aware that not all families are like the Walton’s ‘3/28 – or even the Musketeers. It’s not always all for one and one for all. In fact, here at we see many families in situations like this:

Caroline and her sister Laura stopped by to visit their mother, who suffered for the last decade with dementia and had been living in an upscale memory care unit. When they arrived, they learned that Roger, their youngest brother, had signed their mother out of the facility. He explained to the nursing staff that he was driving her over to Caroline’s house for a meal. But Roger left with his mother and never returned. He told nurses that his sisters would return their mom to the facility later that evening. Also, he had taken none of their mother’s medications.

Because their brother had a long history of being a drug addicted drifter, neither of the sisters had any idea how to locate him. They had no idea where to even begin to look for him. They frantically contacted the local police. But after two weeks, they still had no idea where Roger or their mother was and whether or not she was safe and well.

That’s the time when attorneys bring their clients to . We have built a premier reputation for finding people. We use various strategies and techniques combined with the insight and know-how from years of experience conducting missing person investigations. Strategies include:

Records and data base searches – Finding a missing person begins with a name and information gathered about that person. We sift through data bases that include data regarding employment, legal records, arrest and court records, licensing bureaus, tax records, etc. in any geographic area where the subject might be located.

Interviews – A missing person search requires that our investigators talk with anyone who might have known the subject, worked with them or been in close proximity to the subject and his routine. Face-to-face, by phone, through digital means, whatever it takes, investigators dig out tiny bits of information that can be used to track down anyone missing.

Digital and online sources – As technology has moved forward, so have our strategies and skills in social media engineering. People don’t leave just footprints in the sand, we have been able to find missing people through their digital footprint as well.

While busy with the missing person search, a new will had arrived at their mother’s attorney’s office. There was no return address on the envelope. In the new will, Roger was listed as the sole beneficiary for all of her assets.

The social media engineering uncovered an address and investigators set up video surveillance to confirm that the correct residence had been found. Video of Roger, in the company of his ailing mother, leaving the home, was provided as evidence to the authorities.

Within a few days, the mother was safely returned to the memory care unit. And law enforcement officers were investigating Roger for falsifying their mother’s signature on the paperwork her lawyer received.

Whether it is fugitive recovery, missing family members, missing heirs or any other reason, knows how to find missing persons. We can help.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations