Marriage Infidelity Claim Leads to Unexpected GPS TrackingSome of the cases we get at can be pretty interesting – especially when it comes to suspected marital infidelity cases. Take for example, the case of the jealous, controlling husband who believed his wife was having an affair.

Bob* and Meredith* had only been married for a year. While they were dating, Bob had been very sweet and attentive toward Meredith. But after their marriage, Bob was becoming more overbearing. He not only controlled all of their finances with an iron fist, but whenever Meredith came home late from work, he would question where she had been and who she had been with.

When Meredith told her parents that Bob had accused her of having an extramarital affair with liaisons at a local hotel, Meredith’s father Mike* started getting suspicious. Mike had no reason to doubt his daughter when she told him that she was not an unfaithful wife. But he did start to wonder about Bob, when Meredith mentioned she had started seeing a marriage counselor, without Bob’s knowledge, who happened to have an office next door to the hotel where the so-called affair took place. Meredith mentioned that sometimes when the parking lot near the marriage counselor’s office was full, she had to park in the lot near the hotel. That got Mike to thinking, “I wonder if Bob is somehow tracking Meredith.”

Because Mike wanted to protect his daughter and he was worried about how far Bob’s paranoid, controlling behavior would go, Mike contacted to   conduct a physical inspection of Meredith’s car and home to look for covert surveillance and Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking equipment.

During our investigations, we found Bob was indeed spying on his wife with surveillance equipment and tracking her whereabouts. He had taped a GPS tracking device used for pets to the undercarriage of Meredith’s car. With the GPS pet tracker, Bob was getting notifications when his wife was on the move and he could pull up a map that showed her exact location. From there, he jumped to the wrong conclusion. Using our evidence, Meredith eventually divorced Bob due to his controlling and irrational behavior.

If you suspect you’re being watched, listened to or followed, can provide Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services – also known as bug sweeps – and other surveillance detection services to find illegal cell phone taps, video surveillance equipment and GPS tracking devices. We’ll let you know what our investigations reveal, so you can take the necessary legal actions for greater peace of mind.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations

* Names changed