Belgrade - June 13, 2014 Social Media Words Made From Letters PiWhen Adam joined the military and left home as a member of the U.S. Navy, he was fresh out of high school. After he received a favorable discharge, Adam moved back to the area where his family resided. But this time, barely old enough to legally order a beer, he was a married man.

Adam had fallen in love and tied the knot with a woman who had also joined the Navy fresh out of high school in Seattle. When he brought her to Georgia, there were immediately problems in the marriage. Adam’s young wife was homesick for her own family. She was overwhelmed by the culture shock of trying to adjust to life in such a different part of the country with new in-laws and a young husband who worked long hours.

After two years, Adam’s wife simply vanished. When he came home from work, she was gone. She left a note stating that she was sorry. She had drained their modest savings account to purchase a one-way ticket to go home. Adam was broken hearted.

He was in the middle of launching a business of his own. He didn’t have the spare cash to travel to Washington to look for his wife. That seemed like a waste of time, anyway. She wasn’t happy in Georgia and Adam had no interest in giving up his life and business here, in order to build a new life in Washington. Adam focused on building the business.

And another 12 years went by.

For all of those years, Adam remained a bachelor. But then, he met Heather. When the relationship got serious, Adam realized that he couldn’t marry Heather since he was still legally married to his first wife.

He knew if he could find her, she would agree to a divorce. But he had no idea how to locate people around town, let alone across the nation. That’s when Adam contacted .

With access to high-level data bases and well-honed research skills, our investigators began the process of a missing person investigation. With the prolific use of social media, finding a missing person entails social media engineering. It is an intensive, hands-on approach, but with techniques we have refined, it often provides photographic evidence and background information that helps to positively identify, locate and find missing persons.

Once Adam’s ex-wife was located and contacted, she agreed to the divorce – and to talk with Adam. Finding people sometimes is a surprise. She was afraid he would be hostile and angry. He was afraid she would avoid him. But neither of those was true. Adam wasn’t prepared for the rush of feelings he had when they talked on the phone. The old connection was still there.

did our job. We conducted a successful people search, finding a missing person for our client. How this story ended, we don’t know. We only know that when it comes to missing person investigation, has a reputation for success!

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations