Is Your Life Worth a Due Diligence InvestigationMatters of the heart collide with the head and we have been active in cases where one party at least is trying to approach a relationship with open eyes as well as an overflowing heart. In one International Investigator’s case, a man decided he want to check out the woman who had caught his eye. He saw it like the business transactions he handled every day and it called for a due diligence investigation.

He’s correct. It is very similar to an HR due diligence checklist. What questions do you want to have answered before you commit? Our investigators worked with him to create a due diligence checklist of his own.

He was honest and upfront with the woman he was dating and she gave her permission and some personal information such as prior residences, social security number and prior employers to expedite the due diligence process.

In this instance, the results were what his heart wanted to hear. There were no issues and he felt secure moving forward with the relationship.

We perform due diligence for many individuals who meet someone online. There is always a concern that the other person is not exactly who they purport to be and meeting them in person can be a scary proposition.

Other people think they will just handle it with a pre-nuptial agreement if the relationship goes that far. But a prr-nup doesn’t prevent all the heartache or financial loss that could have been avoided with due diligence investigations.

If you wouldn’t put your business to risk, why would you put your personal life at risk? If you would investigate a potential business partner or the principles behind a joint venture, you should probably consider the same due diligence process for a life partner. In the end, both can enrich your life or damage it. Due diligence investigations help you make a good choice.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations