Knowing the Unknown is a Valuable ToolIt isn’t easy to learn the truth and sometimes the truth isn’t easy on us either.  , clears the path of misconceptions, intuitions and gossip and focuses on facts.

Sometimes the facts do not change the situation, and then there are times the facts create clarity and we see through all the haze and come out of the situation we are currently in better prepared to fight or to just let go.  We all want to know the truth; we want to know the facts so we can move on.

There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t receive calls, an emails or a walk ins from someone lost in their life.  They cannot, by themselves, muddle through their situation without assistance from a professional.  There are times when just talking out loud is all they want to do with some impartial.  Then there are times when their story is just the tip of the iceberg and the truth they seek takes them through many emotional stages they are unprepared to take on alone.

When you have plumbing problems, you think of a plumber, and electrical problems you call an electrician.  Problem at hand solved without any effort on your part.  But when life takes you to hire a Private Investigative Company, we take on the case (problem) and we investigate (solve).  Life’s issues vary from locating a missing person, marital infidelity, background investigations, hidden bank accounts, computer forensics and cellular forensics.  A cheating spouse is the most common emotional investigation for us and for our Clients.  It’s hard to hear the heart filled story of a love gone bad, but not as hard as having to put your life in the hands of someone you just met.

, listens and the words shared by our Clients are held in the strictest confidence and handled in a professional manner.  When was the last time you hired a company and late at night you called them for reassurance?  Did they answer?  Did they care?  Or would you even think about calling them?  When we take on a case, no matter how small, the case is handled in the manner best suited for the Client.  If our fact finding uncovers negative information during child custody investigation or hidden assets in divorce and the Client later remembers something of importance, they call us, or email us or text us, and we are available.  You will never get an automated recording.  You will never have to press buttons to get to the right department.  You may get a voicemail, but the call will be returned as soon as possible and your questions will be addressed.  An extramarital affair is the most emotional investigation.  When one partner is deceived by the other they first feel hurt, then anger and it is between these two stages is called upon to conduct various types of investigations.  If the spouse uses their computers, we suggest our forensic computer specialist use data extraction software so that any telltale sign of communication between the spouse and the significate other is exposed.  We also suggest an asset investigation to uncover hidden money, hidden bank accounts and a complete search for assets.  Many times, it requires an investigator with the most updated surveillance equipment to obtain video of their activities.  Viewing the video is difficult, but  knowing the unknown is the most valuable tool for any Client.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations