Know Who Comes Into Your Home or Business to Prevent the Installation of Listening DevicesAhh, physical access to your home or business; bad guys love that and you might never even realize that you opened the door and invited them in.

Here at we have seen so many things over the years and while technology moves on creating more spy listening devices, we have to add them to the list instead of replacing old with the new. The field of technical counter surveillance measures just expands.

Our experience in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) has shown us that access to your home or business opens up a wide array of spy surveillance options for bad guys. During TSCM sweeps we have uncovered many spy devices, including:

  • A bug in a strip outlet, a clock, a radio or any other appliance
  • A bug in a computer mouse or a keyboard
  • If you have VOIP phone, broadband or wireless Wi-Fi router, someone could spoof your carrier to identify the IP address for your service and then download software on their computer that would allow access to your system as though they were running remote diagnostics.
  • Install a video camera in an appliance unobtrusively hidden in your home or office.
  • Install motion detectors that trigger listening devices.

Spy equipment can allow others to monitor conversations and gain access to your computer. Once a bad guy gains initial access, most covert surveillance can be run remotely. We uncover it during a TSCM sweep.

TSCM services are one are of service that requires not only a TSCM specialist, but also highly specialized TSCM equipment. Due to the cost of the equipment and the training required to use the counter surveillance equipment, few organizations offer world-class TSCM security services like is able to offer.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations