Fake, Fraud, Scam, Hoax, Rubber StampsAfter working in a manufacturing plant for too many years to count, Roger retired from his job and went home, hoping to live at least a little bit of the good life. But he didn’t realize that living on a fixed income would be such a challenge.

And so, when an incredible investment opportunity was advertised on television, Roger immediately wired ten grand to the source. Then he sat back to dream for a few weeks while his money grew. After all, the guy on the advertisement promised that every investor would at least double their money. In fact in some instances, investors had a great chance to even triple their investment.

Roger never considered the legitimacy of the offer. He had never made such an investment and he had no understanding of the due diligence process for making wise investment choices.

While he waited to get rich, Roger thought about how he had always wanted to travel. Maybe he could finally make some costly cosmetic changes to his home. But Roger never heard from the loud mouth guy on TV. When he visited International Investors, Roger was more than depressed. He was frantic about the loss of his money.

To begin a due diligence investigation, Roger was asked for information, but he could only relay what he saw on the advertisement. Until the weeks went by and he never heard from the source, Roger never questioned the authenticity of the investment. He was naive about the fact that not everything is authentic, even when it flashes across the television screen.

More savvy investors realize that before they turn cash of any amount over for investment in a project, company, etc., their wallets are only protected by how thoroughly they investigate the source. This is true any time, but especially in today’s economy, when global investments rank neck and neck against global scams and con artists. They know conducting a due diligence investigation is a required step in making wise investment decisions.

With data bases and resources that are not accessible to the general public, provides the professional research abilities necessary to investigate many business transactions. Before you enter into any type of investment opportunity, let us provide due diligence services to turn over every rock, to provide you with all the faces.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations