It Felt Right until it Didn’tWhen our Client engaged our services, he gave us some background on his son. Both he and his wife were very proud of their son’s choice of friends and extracurricular activities. Some might say he had a good head on his shoulders.

After graduating from college, he enrolled in a trade school. Just a few months after classes started, he brought home a date for a family dinner. His date appeared to be friendly, but something about her didn’t sit well with either of his parents.

Later in the month during a father/son outing, his son made an odd remark about his new girlfriend, she had a car, but didn’t drive, she talked about her friends, but he had yet to meet the man she always insisted they use her car.

They never attended any of the parties she had told him she went to prior to their meeting. Her Facebook was set to private and she had refused to friend him, therefore he was not privy to any activities she or her friends posted.

More and more red flags kept popping up for the son until he had no choice but to break it off with her. It wasn’t long after the breakup that he and his family kept receiving hang-up calls, then calls in a more threatening manner. No calls could be directly linked to her, but they knew she was involved.

When we conducted our research on her it all started making sense. It turned out that his ex-girlfriend had lied about her age saying she was 5 years younger than she was, she had had multiple DUI’s which explained why she never drove around him, she had several misdemeanor charges for possession of illegal drugs, stalking charges and a felony charge for domestic abuse.

She had been married and divorced, had a child that she lost in a custody battle and the friends he never met, they also had criminal histories involving her. He made the correct decision to terminate their relationship and seek professional services for a background check upon her. From the results of our investigation, he was able to get a restraining order which we served upon her.

When situations do not appear to be right, if you feel that someone is deceiving or unhealthy situations arise in a relationship react to them, it’s a warning sign (red flag) to take action.