Pile of MoneyLong before the attorney called to officially secure services with , his client had decided to part ways with his business partner. From the ground floor, their business had been built with good intentions. But as the business flourished and became more lucrative, his client began to see that his partner no longer offered 50% of the elbow grease.

Though he could not prove it, the client also began to suspect that his partner might be stealing from the business, both in cash and assets. So when the attorney’s client announced his intention to part ways immediately, he only voiced his wish to buy out his partner’s share.

Unfortunately, the partner’s attitude was anything but understanding. As the months wore on, the client began to see a lot of changes with long time accounts, relationships in the community and cash flow. Overall profits were decreasing. People seemed distant when interacting with him. He definitely smelled a rat. But again, he had no way to prove anything.

That’s when his attorney called on .

With access to highly advanced data bases and skilled hands to interpret and uncover leads, we were able to identify evidence to prove some of the hunches true. Since the equipment and phones used by the partners were owned by the company, we were able to conduct a computer forensic examination that identified financial documents revealing a long time siphoning of funds from the company. The forensic computer specialist was able to use data extraction software to secure the evidence for future use in court if necessary.

Cellular forensics was also employed. The mobile phone forensic analysis actually revealed hidden bank accounts. That lead to a financial investigation.

We chased down the partner’s hidden bank accounts. We identified and secured the times when deposits and transactions took place, moving money from the business account to the private account. We also found phony work orders, his bad effort to cover his trail. These items became potential evidence, available to be used for prosecution.

The phony paperwork compelled the installation of surveillance equipment in the business and warehouse. We recorded the dates and times when the business partner was caught on tape, stealing supplies and products.

Using hidden listening devices, we learned the partner was telling customers and vendors that the client had an addiction to cocaine; that the partnership would soon be dissolved.

A full service investigative firm like can provide fast and professional services where the leads take the case. Our goal is to provide facts and information, so every client can seek the justice deserved. This case had lots of twists and turns and a lot of truth to be revealed and was able to proceed in every direction seamlessly and professionally.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations